Why people can't commit to a relationship

Long before women were equal in the workplace, one would spend the whole day at work, mostly only for men, then come home to his wife.

Now, many women who are very young and beautiful and intelligent and sexy are in the workplace that people interact with each day.

Men and women, men, are merely animals and powered by nature that encourages animals to make as many children as they can to spread the species with diverse GMs.

When no temptation exists, meaning no women look like a monastery, sexual drive is not active. Therefore, Jews and Muslims are distinguished from men and women in prayer, so we can focus on God instead of hooking. It's just sad to be a person. Denial or disagreement does not change reality.

But when you are surrounded by attractive, sexy and long-standing women all day long, it is impossible not to have a natural animal.

Sexual energy is a creative and stimulating energy that makes life interesting and sparks a person to live. That's why we all look at sexual stimulation in our lives. This energy should never be uttered.

The only way to stop this desire is prison, but then more than just sexual desire is removed, all life is killed.

Consciously, since 98% of people are, the mind will be driven by the animal decision and reject the notion of being unable to partner with any undesirable partner. Since there are so many options every day, the concept of monogamy is denied by basic animal nature.

Commitment is a reliably new spiritual concept for human history. All ancient religions and traditions, and some modern ones such as Islam and Mormons, practice multiplying.

If one does not understand that the wishes are purely animal-based and not other than the fulfillment of the basic development of the species, he will confuse the wishes of other women by not being satisfied with the current spouse.

However, if the woman does not understand what is driving her husband to fear commitment, ie. the animal welfare forever in his or her other organs, that he should not be tied to one woman, her frustration and fear can cause her to be in a way that will encourage him to go and push him away.

Understanding human works is the only way to use nature's minds and make conscious choices with emotional consolation to remove the power of desire, rather than letting desires control decisions.


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