Teachers have a great role in raising children

School is a place where students in the bar get the maximum knowledge and growth in their studies. There is also a place where his hidden potential is tapped. This learning process for a child begins when parents send the child to kindergarten and continues until college where he or she receives his or her graduation or education.

As we can see clearly that the child reaches 6 to 7 hours a day throughout the year (except at the holidays) at school, it is clear that teachers have a major role to play in raising children.

As a child is easy to shape properly like clay in the pot, it is important to understand that teachers can correct their child and their behavior at any time. He can also shape a child's personality by being a model in bringing up children to school.

Since children are very affectionate, innocent, adaptable and manageable, it must be necessary for teachers to have both professional competence and a very strong moral background, as it can gradually influence and shape each child's personality with gentle considerations.

Since most children have a great deal of respect for their teachers, this option must be the right to correct, counsel and educate children with leading children in different challenging situations and situations that arise in classrooms.

In addition, a teacher is one parent for each of her students. Whether the child is too young or in adolescence, the teacher must be effective in her approach by being neutral, loving and at the same time leading by example in all her efforts.

Since a teacher has an important role to play in a student's life, it should be said that they are people who could make generations altogether. In short, they are somehow based on the nation where they are exposed to large students who are future citizens of the country. So it is very cruel and compulsory for teachers to lead and influence students well on every lifestyle, no matter whether it is in the classroom or even outside the class.

Teachers should also encourage their students to build them in personality wherever they become architects, engineers, doctors, teachers, businessmen or professions of their interest. They should also shape them to promote society by becoming the nation's growing citizens.

The primary role of teachers could be to make their class very interesting by reaching virtually every student involved by asking questions or discussing topics. The more participation, the more the child learns. This will make learning easier and more interesting.

Besides, even outside the classroom, she needs to continue to influence and correct the children by building their nature in all areas of life.

But it is worth noting that students can succeed in their lives if support for equality is backed up by a parent at home as well.


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