Why do most relationships fail? Why can't most people succeed in their dealings?

Connection Insights. Why do most relationships fail? Why can't most people succeed in their dealings? Why many people are destined to fail in their dealings?

The cause of connectivity is numerous.

After consulting and treating many individuals, I noticed that broken relationships can be attributed to the following factors and causes. I also did some research on relationships and found that statistics also support these causes.

Let us explore these observations, one at a time.

1-Lacking Love:

People who did not love in childhood are very likely to fail in their relationships.

The love of childhood, from parent to child, is very important for that child.

The child will grow up and carry that love with him and she is absolutely able to love again.

Love again ??

Love team means that an adult is able to love his or her companions and also their children as a future parent.

A child without love from parents will grow up to seek love in a potential spouse. The colleague may not have that love for him / her, and strange, the relationship will fail.

2-Child who needs love from parents will grow up and when she becomes a parent, he cannot love his children. He is very likely, not able to love his children. You cannot give what you do not have.

3-We can save many relationships if we give the children enough love.

4-A man who lacks childhood – love will continue to seek love between different future actors. Usually not effective. 5-broken relationships, attributable to the lack of love for children, will cause many mistakes of marriage. This cycle will continue and then create the same individuals with the same results.

6 – Many women are drawn to a man because his personality is the same as their fathers. This aspect of "father-love" means that the relationship is not just physical. The relationships are their metaphysical or spiritual aspect.

7-Many levels-6 women are attracted to grade-3 men. Level-6 is a quiet and peaceful type, a person who probably agrees with you in most cases. Level-3 type is macho type. Level-3 is a type of person who wants it in his own way, not likely to compromise and is self-centered. This difference in personality can be a major attraction among men and women.

8 – Despite their contradictions, many women are like men. This behavior means that if two partners, men and women have the same independent personality, this relationship will probably fail. It may last for many years, and some would argue that the fact that it lasted for many years meant that it worked. However, this relationship in those years is actually a "search" for an excuse to put an end to it, and when it finds it, it actually ends. This behavior explains why some affiliates or marriages fail after so many years. That relationship was not based on a solid foundation in the first place.

9. When two partners, male and female, have the same level of importance, this relationship is also supposed to fail. This means that one partner "MUST" has more significance or significance than other partners. Some equality partners are happy, but that is the exception, not the norm.

10 Career and Relationships: Employees and relationships have harmful interactions, meaning you have more success at work, the less effective you will be in your relationship. I noticed this trend is more common among women than men. Again, some are good in both, but that's the exception.

11-Age: I noticed that most women in a relationship / marriage change negatively towards their spouse, usually 40-45 years. At this age, the woman becomes more hostile to her spouse. The result is usually a broken relationship.

12 people who do not succeed in their relationships, try to succeed at work and usually succeed at work.

13-Most women enjoy their freedom. Many women believe and want the salvation of women. However, in a relationship, the woman wants to tend rather than leaders. Women who are followers of relationships are happier than other women. You hear that women tell you this is not true, but their "communication mode" is quite different from these words.

14-Energy Balance: It is very important to maintain male and female energy for any kind. A very compromised man is good for the woman, as women say. However, deep in her unconscious mind, the woman begins to complain. A macho woman is accepted by some men. Educated men recognize it quite well, but deep inside an unconscious mind, that behavior is not tolerated.

15-Self-esteem: This is more common in men than in women. Individuals who view self-confidence, especially men, are very likely to fail in their relationships.

These assumptions seem quite controversial to you, especially if you are a woman.

I don't expect you to accept me on all of them. However, research and statistics support these requirements.

For the sake of truth, I often urge you to prove, empirically, that they are wrong.

Thank you.

However, if we agree with these causes, does that mean we are destined to fail in our dealings?

Do you know how to overcome the lack of love for children?

Personal development and self-growth have significantly developed and infected many tools to address relationship problems.

There are tools for selfishness.

There are methods to overcome negative energy among partners.

Self-determination tools change personality for the better.

With trance, light or deep trance, man can get resources from his past and bring them to the future.

There will be more articles and tips on how to improve your relationship.

In the future, I'll write more about solutions.

Keep the following.


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