What is your vibration to say about you?

Who are your personal energy sources telling you? We are finding clear answers from the horses and learning how to change our world!

If we are communicating with energy and vibration all the time, mostly without our consciousness, then how do we know what we are telling others?

When we are in the horses while we try to learn, it is easy to see. The horses are responding to our unconventional energy sources, and through these live life notifications, we can learn how to tap into our own greater consciousness that grows with mind and heart context.

If the horses are picking up on us, as seen through reflective exercises, what exactly are other people in our energy field?

The question leads us to the answer: "What powerful vibration are you making with your life?"

Did you know that thoughts have unique vibrations? In other words, what we really think matters.

Many of you have heard of Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of Message Hidden in Water, who is best known for his claims that human consciousness affects the molecular structure of water. The effect is both good or bad, as far as the frequency of the thought you are creating.

Dr. Emoto provides interesting research on the effects of thought, words, and prayer on water that creates particular cell growth in the water crystals.

Interesting awareness is that the vibration or emotional energy behind any word or thought that appears within each of us differently.

For example, the word anger is interpreted as vibration at many different levels as the interpreter is. For one person, it can simply mean that someone has exceeded limits, such as Linda Kohamnov's work with Karla McLaren in his studies of messages behind our feelings. But to others, anger could cause energy anxiety or even projection and fear of confrontation.

We are not the same in our interpretation of emotions under any circumstances, but we all know the difference between what feels good in harmony and flow and what does not.

Research has found that the individual energy field has a great impact on the mind and heart of harmony and to have that ranking that allows us to lose more well-being.

This consensus affects our ability to access solutions to issues with greater ease, but you cannot approach your intuitive wisdom from impurity or low vibration.

But … isn't that most of us trying to find solutions? When were they tired of the discomfort of the problem?

Just imagine if you could be more coherent in your life with your own inner wisdom. What have you been able to do to rely on the part that is in tune with personal and happy expansion at all times.

I recently met a course with Abraham-Hicks. They talked about feelings as vibrations we live on based on our focus. Our feeling along with momentum raises our experience at this stage. They refer to the vibration discs.

One can imagine that the chakra disks rotate in our body. Similarly, imagine the column stacked on a vertical plane that contains many different levels of emotional vibration, each unique to you based on your interpretation, ranging from the uncomfortable bottom to the highest level of emotions above. The grid fills in based on where you focus.

We all come in different vibrational / emotional levels and we are building momentum … usually in response to life instead of intentionally. So in fact, you are either consciously or unconsciously creating your own emotional environment. We have seen a reflection around the person in meetings with the horses. The cool thing they are teaching us is that we can shift that energy into nano seconds if we know how.

The key is to have the awareness of the emotion / vibration / focus you choose and the ability to bypass any unhappy feelings before it is time to build momentum. The greater the momentum, the more exercise it takes.

As we learn to work with our inner technology, we learn how to divide our lives. By building momentum at greater vibration, we open the context of our head and heart which creates greater clarity and understanding in our personal and professional lives.

Examining the teachers of our teachers how to divide this life experience within us and learn how to tap into our own intuition of wisdom. Doing this not only allows the mind and heart synchronization to prevent stress reduction in our lives but it significantly increases mental clarity and well-being.

Our goal is to increase human potential by learning how to live better in harmony with our life-based soul.


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