Trauma Bonding – Understanding Hygiene Relations

A trauma band is characterized by fraud that is so purposeful and self-serving as it moves in a state of trauma. Trauma bonds create solid shirts that connect to someone who is useful, dangerous, offensive and or toxic. The person who is in a relationship is very confused in their relationship, but they cannot break it.

Here are some characteristics of a relationship that fit this description of toxic factors:

1) The relationship is manipulative and exploitive
2) Contracts are poorly defined, vague and clear
3) Feelings are anxious
4) Contracts are short-term and difficult to navigate
5) Relying often depends on exaggerated or unrealistic promises
6) Prizes are in the future and often conditional
7) Risk is often one
8) Emotions are absent and prizes are minimal.

Some examples of relationships on trauma relationships are the conditions of sexual abuse or sexual persons. In addition, many relationships that start out as intimate and life long can be moved to a collision course. Other cases where trauma may occur are abortion or kidnapping.

There are many factors in a shock relationship like this. If you think you might be in the relationship described above, it is very important that you start to see the truth of the situation. Being traumatized robs your self-image and keeps you locked in a prison that can only be survived by closing your emotions and indeed your inner soul.

See the Truth About Your Condition

There is help and hope in place. The first step is to start seeing the truth of the situation. The only antidote to the confusion you might find is starting to live in truth. It is difficult and scary at first; While constantly asking yourself, the "truth of your condition" is the original question that you must begin to explore. You weren't created to be in the bondage described above.


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