Three quick tips for getting cognitive behavioral treatment in the home

Can you guess what the most common mistake is about homework treatment …? It can't be done! This is nothing to condemn, it happens to us best, but there are some ways to improve this. Most people undergoing treatment become better (especially treatment behaviors), but those who continually do homework with treatment get better and more often. Successful treatment requires a good effort from the client. It is different from taking only pills and waiting for the effect, but there are many cases of CBT affecting lifelong, high drug differences. Discuss some key issues in doing homework with treatment.

Choose a specific time and day to do your homework and plan at least 20-30 minutes to focus on it. Depending on your specific advice, you may have to set aside three or more days a week for your homework, but for others one day a week will do so. We know from research (and experience) that those who organize their homework this way and record it on the calendar are much more likely to complete it.

Another great way to increase your chances of doing homework is to predict three reasons why you are not doing your homework and writing it down. Once you have your obstacles in front of you, you can then write some ways to bypass or avoid this potential trap. If you have any problems with this exercise, make sure to treat yourself and plan. Don't forget, this is part of the treatment too!

Finally, be sure to write down your homework before leaving your consulting session. Although simple, this step is very active and often overlooked. While writing it, it's also a good idea to clarify homework with the therapist to avoid misunderstanding or confusion. I can't tell you how often I see this is the biggest obstacle to completing homework. Either I, as a physiotherapist, did not explain it well enough, or we forgot to be clear about specifically what was assigned.

The goal of good treatment is to help you succeed and achieve your goals, not to be ashamed when you do your homework. If that is not the case, take it to your consultant and use his advice to help you do it. Wish you great success!


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