The Ultimate Solution to Stop Bullying

If you accept Michael Talbot's theory that we are holographic institutions living in the holographic universe, then we are conscious with physical experience. I equate consciousness to energy.

We are living in energy patterns or archetypes that recycle like fictional characters in the heroes and villains plot. Most, if given the opportunity, prefer to be a hero rather than a villain as it represents valor, perfection, goodness, and strength. The hero needs a victim, and the victim wants the hero to fix his life by removing the curse.

Why do we need violence for victims?

What do they gain from tormenting or controlling other people? Why do victims of heroes have to save themselves? And why do heroes step into a powerful mess that leads to bullying instead?

What is a curse?

Bully can be a spouse, boss, parent, sibling, neighbor, politician, fellow church member, or government employee. In other words, someone can be cursed when they lose their temper and try to do harm in words or actions.

A person straying to harm another person to get something from the victim. The Arsenal hopes to assert the position of power over a weaker person because the curse lacks something inside Bully is incapable of securing happiness in himself so that he strives to control another person to create a sense within his own mind. Bullying is the act of creating spiritual hair in the tiger with interference.

The ironic schizophrenic archetype is that it would not be if the victim did not exist. Or the victim did not exist if the hero did not exist. Or the hero would not be if the tumblers did not exist. Who needs the other to survive. In other words, the psychological role play repeats circular, one each time for eternity.

If Hero / Rescuer's self-image could be removed from our third-dimensional experience, can we complete the cycle of victims and persecution? Could humans be happy in peace and harmony as equals?

I think it's possible. Certainly, humans can increase their consciousness and vibrate with tremendous love, but they must first realize that they are playing bars that exist within their energy sources. Carl Jung would describe these roles as Identities, Ids or Personas. These identifiers exist in our energy company as karmic inscriptions or growth barriers. If you want to heal the world, you must first heal yourself.

Most people who include the Hero archetype are a Christ-like Archetype, which are words to represent Martyr persona. Nightmare is a strong religion among Christians, Mormons, Protestants, Muslims, Catholics, and more. Believing that one suffers from other characters from the idea that external action leads to God's approval, love, and respect.

Where did this faith come from?

Unworthiness, non-indexation, guilt and shame were karmic replicas created by Nicea's Council in 325th place. The Council removed books from the Bible, some of which were thought to have been written by Jesus Christ on the subject of ascension. The material reincarnation was removed from the Bible. God was considered outside of us instead of us. Mankind was no longer considered the sons and daughters of God, so it would be dependent on the Savior instead of harnessing the inner Christ Avatar itself or Christ's consciousness. The idea of ​​duality was further focused on the story of fear, God's wrath, and that we were born of sin.

Why did the council choose to do this?

If you cannot control mankind with armies and guns, the easiest way to control mankind is through their faith. Religious system becomes a frequency band to keep mankind in judgment, fear, shame and unworthiness. These low frequencies shut down the brain to keep it from increasing consciousness.

The ultimate solution to stopping bullying is to understand the character you are playing and cure that person in your energy. We can increase our vibration and reach into harmony and divine love by healing the wounds within our energy company. Healing a powerful body is nothing but a miracle as it is healing DNA and your destiny.


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