The spread of the penis – what's hot and what not

There are a lot of options out there for Penis Enlargement. Let the test: Rate

HOT means it works.

Semi-HOT means it has the potential.

NOT does not mean it.

Penis Pill – NOT

Take a class in pharmacy. There are basically two types of drugs – sympathomimetics and parasympathomimetics. One targets the sympathetic nervous system, the other is shot in the nervous system. If you think you can take a few tablets into your mouth, break these tablets down the gastrointestinal tract, send them into the blood of your blood, then filter through the liver, and then store them mysteriously in the penis and make it bigger, well, then I wish you the best of luck.

Penis Patches – NOT

Your penis does not smoke. Why would I put a patch on it?

Electric Muscle Stamping – Half-Hot

In physiotherapy, most electrical edema is the opposite of the effects you want to achieve in stimulating growth. However, I can see that picking up some Russian voices on the bottom of the penis may encourage strengthening the Bulbospongiosus muscle. This will not make you bigger than it could build up these muscles to increase your adult's strength.

Jelqing – HOT

Jelqing is a biochemical method of enlarging the penis. It works.

Penis Pumps – HOT

Penis pumps have been shown to be enlarged but not much. However, when used in conjunction with Jelqing and stretching, they are invaluable tools to get the most out of your penis medications, when used after exercise, they are very good at increasing your blood pressure.

Surgery / injections – NOT

I would never let the surgeon cut the penis or inject me with foreign matter. But that's my personal opinion.

Myofascial opens – HOT

Myofascial open is a biomechanical method of getting rid of nodes in your system. Myofascial knot is one of the reasons that your penis becomes smaller with age.

Growth Hormone Strength – HOT

Human growth hormone certainly has the potential to increase muscle mass and tissue. It is a complex protein-bound hormone that covers 200 amino acids. Amino acids are essential for achieving penis and activity. I say this has great potential but proper stimulation and getting it in the pen is a different story. It is comparable to taking steroids if they enter the body externally; but if GH can be stimulated by natural and endogenous methods, this sounds very promising; especially during anatomy. GH also does a miracle on the health and quantity of sperm. The best way to increase GH is through core training, such as bodybuilding. So work out your body, then take the punishment to get the most out of GH as an accelerator for your enlargement. Inorganic milk contains GH and Testosterone as a by-product of the roe caustic hormone administered to cows to produce more milk for longer periods. It's not the healthiest thing, but "got milk?"

Stretching – HOT

Stretching the ligaments in the penis is one biological method of enlarging the penis that actually works.

Biochemical materials – semi-hot

Biological methods certainly have the potential to affect the penis. Proper targeting and stimulation needs to be addressed. I see possibilities here; I wonder if we all have the right data and the ability to use it. Biochemistry is a very complex science we are beginning to understand how it actually works.

How can an extension be expanded?

Your invention (which is your DNA – the program that determines how you physically get out) determines your penis and length. Apart from shocks and circumcision, you are somewhat stuck with one size for the rest of your life … Or maybe not … [man] The penis was different from other primates and most other mammals, the penis is elastic and plastic in nature . This means that it has elastomer-plastic biochemical properties, which means that biotechnology can increase in size and length. But it does work. You cannot change the biological object in some magical magic or magic patch. YOU DO NOT MAKE PRODUCTION APPROVAL. If you are ready to put in 10 minutes a day; you can change your size. Actually, guys, it's basically the primary way to do that, except for the operation.


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