The Mistake Smart People Make

Never a mistake business for success. Movement will not at all lead to consequences. The action will. When you are running, you plan and plan and study. They are all good things, but they do not produce consequences except when you do.

It is a common mistake that regularly comes for smart people. In many cases, exclude them without realizing it. The mistakes have something to do with the distinction of being in action and taking action. They sound similar, but they are not the same.

When you are running, you plan and plan and study. They are all precise things, but they do not produce any consequences. Sometimes exercise is useful, but it will not lead to consequences. Action, however, is a type of behavior that will lead to a conclusion.

If motion does not lead to success, why do we do it? Sometimes we do it because we really need to design or learn more. But more often than not, we do it because the movements allow us to experience as we do development by strolling the risk of failure. Most of us are experts in preventing criticism. It doesn't make sense to fail or judge publicly, so we have a tendency to stay away from situations where it might happen. And this is the main purpose of moving instead of taking action: we prefer to prolong failure.

It's easy to keep going and convince us we're making progress. Movement makes us feel like we have to do it. But in fact we are simply ready to do something. When training is in the form of a postponement, we need to do business with something. We choose not only to organize. We choose to practice what we do and the program and do it by taking action.

We need to set a timetable for our actions. For ongoing goals and lifestyle changes, I believe this is the best approach. Add a program for your actions and keep it up to date. Select a date to change your motion action. For bigger initiatives or simple goals, force yourself out of action and in action by setting a difficult deadline. For example, you want to be a writer. Write and publish articles to make it happen. Don't just dream it. Realize it by taking exercise. If you want to study in and out of the country, explore the unknown and be fearless about what the future holds. What matters is that you have tried no matter what happens but not to try at all.


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