The importance of self-knowledge

What is self-knowledge?

Self-knowledge is knowing you closely. It involves knowing your thoughts and feelings, how they came, and how they affect your behavior. It's about understanding your needs, wishes, reasons, opinions, beliefs, and values. In short, it's about knowing how you mean and what makes you mark.

Self-knowledge tools are quotations, looks within what focuses our attention on our thoughts, how they come up, and disappear. This is best done in a quiet environment where you have time to look at and analyze your own thoughts. A busy life does not preclude this possibility of self-reflection or self-reflection, but it makes it unlikely that you do so. Furthermore, it is difficult to watch a busy mind that drives and jumps everywhere like a monkey in a cage.

Why is self-awareness important?

Authorship is important because it helps you understand better. With better self-esteem, you are able to control your own life. You can then make life for you rather than life for you.

It also helps you find an answer to an intuitive and spiritual question – "Who am I?"

With self-knowledge, we are in a better position to understand the outer physical universe as well as the inner philosophical world within us and to see how our mind becomes a link for both experiences. We now know that the meaning we put on the "reality" of life affects the quality of our human experience more than the "reality" itself. Thus, we can change the quality of our lives simply by changing the way we think and view the world around us. We can become happier simply by changing ourselves without changing the world. Paradoxically, as we change ourselves, the world around us also changes, as it is itself.

We live in a participation world where our thoughts and beliefs are very real "things" that affect the world around us. It is as if the material of our inner mind is reflected in the physical world. This is how we create our own destiny. This is the understanding that will stop us from becoming a victim of circumstances, and instead become the master of our own destiny. This is a mystery in the ancient teachings of Hermes, in one of his seven spiritual laws. This spiritual principle, called protocols, says "as above, so below."

This is a key factor in self-understanding, knowing that we live our own lives and that we are fully and completely responsible for what we live – consciously and unconsciously. It is extremely important to realize that what we create we can reproduce, so we are never a victim of a situation. It is always in our power to change our lives.

Self-knowledge enables us to know our mistakes in thought and correct it. That is to say that a better and sufficient life – physically, emotionally, spiritually, and spiritually.


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