The Big Five – personality traits according to psychology

Personality is not just what we see and what we think it is. More than just one aspect that others see in the behavior of an individual, psychology shows that it is a mixture of five distinct symptoms that appear to be physical, communication, and professional life. We see it in the individual's motivation, decisions, principles, and sometimes even in spiritual desires.

These five symptoms can determine man's welfare. When this happens, it can lead to what is commonly known as a "cancer person". Under unstable conditions, you may have difficulty in dealing with exercises that take control of his spiritual and emotional tendencies. When internal battles with personality occur, it can lead to toxins that make the body part serious diseases.

The subject of cancer is not one of five major personality traits according to psychology. It is also important to keep in mind that exercises that make the person's personality are not only accepted from childhood. Personality is developed at different levels of the individual.

The Big Five Personality Attributes in Psychology


People who have this personality are constantly characterized by conviction of what is right. "Conscience" is always part of decisions. Having established personal standards, but conscientiously tends to be more disciplined than others. Other definitions of listing are good planning and capabilities. This feature is especially important for those who want to pursue a good career.


These are natural friends. When we meet others, we join in by being prominent, good and fun for everyone, even to foreigners. It is an important communication technology and operates how you see your communication. An approved person is more likely to have more opportunities because the feeling is accessible and fun to work with.


If you are often disturbed by how things should go well and by leading you to the sensory area, the nervousness is probably a feature you have. People with this personality are often anxious, worried and obsessed by making sure things are right. The disadvantage of these features is the unhealthy risk of emotions, depression and severe anxiety.


Nervousness presupposes that things are foreseeable. Of course, openness makes it self-confident. With openness, there is more room for creativity and innovation. It is always excited to get into something fresh and new. People with these qualities are rarely afraid of risk.


Extroverts are usually life entities, center of attention. Trust and authority are from their personality. The external manifestation you transmit to the body tends to be more important than an unseen spiritual and emotional element.

Because you have big five personality traits in psychology. Try to judge yourself and think about whether your songs draw you towards a negative or a positive one. If you think your practices are in the way of personal and professional development, then it might be the perfect time to manage your tickets better.


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