The Amazing Healing Power Crystals


Crystals have amazing healing powers.

Crystals are solid energy and it is all on earth and in the universe. So why are crystals so useful to us? Well, our body is made of a complex electromagnetic system, also known as a vibrating energy system. Nature has created crystals to be a perfect electrical conductor, they interact perfectly with our electromagnetic system. Crystals have been found to be vibrating to activate the chakras within the electromagnetic system and therefore have a positive effect on the whole body.
Crystals in ancient Egypt were used in temples to help people transform emotions, heal their bodies, and connect deeper to infinite. Crystals have been used by civilizations around the world for thousands of years to heal and balance humanity.

Each crystal has unique vibrations and we can use them to activate or look at organs or other parts of the body. You can learn to use them easily with a little help from your right brain. The left brain is the one who works everything out, the right brain is intuitive, the one who brings chills. So, relax and let us know more about our amazing healing crystals.

1 / When you get a tobacco or a web page, think about why you want this crystal and what you want to help it with. Then look at the crystals with the eyes half closed and let the hand cross them. When your hand wants to stop, skip it and take the crystal under it or point it online. You have to use your right brain when you do this and that's the only brain that can really help in this.

Think about the problem or intent for the great cure crystal, for example: I want to cure my arm. & # 39; Think or say: & # 39; The arm is strong and healthy & # 39; and put the crystal on the forehead while you continue to think this. Now take the crystal and move it over your arm, take it with you and put it on your head so often, bring it over your arm again and repeat your confirmation. You can find that amazing healing crystals have great power to expand and form thoughts and energy. Keep doing this for ten days and many who find themselves excited about their healing powers that the crystals have helped to grow.

Some crystals are more powerful than others, you will know who is right for you when using your first exercise.

Crystals are gifts from the earth, the more we use them more, we find how amazing these crystals are and how amazing our healing powers are.


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