The 7 keys to Martial Arts Speed

Regardless of your martial arts or method … speed is important for competitive performance and self-defense. Razor-sharp reactions are often the only difference between working and losing physical confrontation.

By accessing the seven keys to martial arts speed, you can maximize the benefits of your training and improve your competition and self-defense skills. The absolute best vehicle to access the seven keys to martial arts speed is the Speed ​​Loop (TM) training system.

Speed ​​Loop consists of seven parts of speed and their relationship with each other when used in competition or self-defense. The Speed ​​Loop training system is designed to isolate, transform, maximize, and integrate seven characteristics of martial arts speed, including:

  1. Visual Reflexes : This section focuses on the training methods that increase your ability to spot op and track movements . Special visual responses allow you to recognize, monitor, analyze, adapt, and combat movements with precision and confidence. In martial arts, visual responses are mainly used for prolonged battles. In addition, visual responses are important for the success of world-class athletes in all competitive sports.
  2. Tactile Reflexes : This section focuses on the training methods that will develop sensitive (touch) responses. With practice, you can learn to immediately find what your opponent is trying to do by quickly interpreting your body strength. You must allow an opponent all movements when you are in a grappling or jail. Ninety-five percent of all battles get close. Get ready!
  3. Revision Response : You can improve your hearing sensation by increasing your abilities. It is important to respond quickly to what you hear. In situations where you have to defend yourself against many attackers, you will more than likely hear the attack before you see it. If you've ever experienced blind sparring or struggling in the dark, you know the importance of this feature.
  4. Adaptation Speed ​​: This section focuses on the ability of the mind to instantly select the perfect action to respond to an attack or opening. You should develop the ability to immediately select the most effective moves that are used at any time during a physical collision. Highly developed adaptation speed will allow your response to perform the motion assessment process automatically. With training, you learn to act quickly, accurately and without thought.
  5. Initial Speed ​​: You must focus on the development of the explosion, once you have selected the right action to start. It's not how fast you move, but how quickly you get there that really matters. Your attack can be very fast in flight, but slow takeoffs will significantly reduce your chances of actually landing the attack on the target. Train yourself to let your movements pass before they are seen by developing a flawless poker face and the ability to relax after will.
  6. Exercise speed : Exercise speed is the ability to quickly move parts or your body from one place to another. It is the speed that most people know about the public as a whole. In addition to genetics and body weight, the ability to contract and relax your muscles will effectively determine your speed of movement. Don't worry about the "promotional frequency" speed. Your training should focus on developing "applied" speeds that will help you overcome and drag your opponent in seconds.
  7. Changing Speed ​​: Be sure to participate in exercises that develop the protection known as change rates during training. The rate of change involves the ability to change directions quickly in the center of motion. Essentially, it involves control of balance and inertia. With a master's degree in physical education, you can develop the ability to stop your movement immediately … just if you start the wrong movement.

In addition to seven keys, you should incorporate speed-limiting exercises into your training to achieve full speed development. Speed ​​of happiness is the ability to slow down the adversity during your attacks. Having good speeding skills will increase your ability to confuse, immobilize and overcome an opponent.

By focusing on the maximum development of each speed component, the training will be more efficient and effective. This will help you develop better speed and power in the shortest possible time.

Use the innovative Speed ​​Loop training system and you can maximize speed and power for MMA, martial arts, boxing and wrestling. To learn more, visit


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