Success = Feeling good about your actions

One of the most difficult words that can be easily defined is performance. This is because it means so many different things to different individuals. There is no destruction or total definition, but an important individual achievement by nature, and we each need to determine what it means to us. Too often, people are confused by having a little more financial well-being, money, etc., or success in one area of ​​effort. Although these are important factors, many people have a lot of money, recognition, achievements, etc. But not very well. The question that needs to be answered, each one individually, is: 1. How do you feel about what you do? 2. Do you have a clear conscience at night and the understanding that there is no success without absolute integrity, positive effects, etc.?

1. Are you constantly doing the right thing with others? Is your heart really clean, unselfish, and caring, or are you primarily encouraged by personal gain or recognition, etc.? Remember that when recognition and financial benefits are nice, unless they are in contact with a positive and helpful attitude, will and emphasis on being fair, showing compassion, fairness, and getting something that matters to others! Do your actions really value the community, others, etc.? What will be your permanent citizenship? In other words, what do you really stand for? Many individuals earn great financial success, but only those who do it the way they help not only themselves are indeed successful!

2. What about your honesty? Is it nothing short of going through the motors to do the good, but do you live on your words and rhetoric too? What is your total contribution to society? Are you constantly valuable to the community, others, and doing your actions in a positive and meaningful way? How would you describe yourself if you have to do it under the influence of true serum?

The greatest clue but anyone can have his personal success is whether he is truly and constantly able to feel good about what he does. Do your actions keep you in good stead? Are you proud of what you do, what you stand for and the value and value you give and represent? Do you lead by example, or do you follow the idea of ​​doing as I say, not as I do? When you go to bed at night, your conscience is clear? Review your priorities, reasons, and overall contribution, participants in other perspectives such as financial security and performance, and only then will you begin to understand what it means to be a success!


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