Stress Management Techniques For tough times – this too will endure

I would like to introduce you to one of the simplest and most effective stress treatment methods for difficult times I discovered a few years ago, but first I want to tell you a story.

There is a story about a king who bought wisdom. He wisely searched all his kingdom and did not find it. Sometimes he heard of a man who lived in a remote part of the state, who had a reputation for great wisdom.

The king sent this man and he had bought it in court, but the king offered him much reward if he would share the secret of his wisdom.

The man agreed and departed from the existence of the king.

He came back a few weeks later and introduced the king with a small box.

The king looked a little surprised and very disappointed when he opened the box and removed the ring. "Is that it?" He shouted at the Wizard.

"Put the ring on your finger and read the inscription out loud," replied the wise man.

The king read the inscription: "This will also go".

The wise man advised the king: "Always use this ring and often look at it and regardless of whether you are experiencing good fortune or adversity, remind yourself that it will also …"

The king was pleased that he had finally found true wisdom and he tried the prize man with a lot of money.

How I discovered "This will pass" rule

About 12 years ago, I was in senior management position at a large multi-million dollar IT program in London. The various tasks involved a major change in customer service operations.

It was a very stressful course, which became much more difficult due to the conflicting relationships between my employers, which was our main contractor and customer service department, which was our direct link on behalf of our client & # 39; s business users.

Like these situations so often, this was a very political environment where emails were used by customers of IT people and their contractors to do evil and generally stir it.

A typical policy for the client's project manager or one of these teams was to disable the critical – but inaccurate and misleading – email and to copy to senior management and management in client organizations and with prime contractors – thus ensuring a steady increase in very political issues .

This would happen several times a week.

My role in all of this was to act as a buffer and filter for my boss who was a program manager – to run these offensive emails – resolve the resolutions and / or recommend a solution and deny politics.

You might find all this a little hard to believe without having worked on a big messy IT project (big ones are almost always messy!) – but I assure you it's true when I tell you it wasn't uncommon for taking me most of the day to deal with one of these emails.

Often, my college – program manager and me were unfairly and inaccurately criticized in this email. It was tiring, drained and deeply uncomfortable (and yes I just put it for the money – a lot of money at that time).

But right here, although I didn't know anything about thinking, I soon discovered the truth about "this will also go" story.

I soon became aware that these angry and defensive states are automatically banned, but if I just sat with them and followed them, without participating in them for about 24 hours, they went by.

I was then able to show clarity and control a little direction on behalf of my master and the best effect.

This became known on our side of the program that "This will pass" rule and my first lesson in the power of thought.


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