Six ways to design a relationship for the next 25 years

We are in the "Relationship of the season." How would you design a relationship for the next 25 years? It is suggested that people will live 125 years old. The average person will marry and divorce three times before he has a happy relationship. The average age of a person who finds true love … 75 years old! In the future, communication groups will be ranked, selected and delivered via the Internet or ordered on eBay.

What can be done to reduce divorce rates, reduce the number of single female parents and increase our ability to connect with our partners?

I present six ways to do this, including choice, acceptance, communication, education, commitment, and consciousness change.

I believe that women will improve their choice process from their need and desire to reduce the number of failed relationships. Women have the ability to say "yes" or "no" to each relationship, and because men are not emotional, it is up to women to change the future of communication. Women are committed to having good relationships, shown to be in courses, churches, and personal growth, and development teams. They are the first to suggest seeing a therapist, liaison counseling or liaison training. Compared to house contact, people are focused on the mortgage and maintenance of the house, but women are focused on interiors, or home information.

We see life differently; We always try to show our partners how life looks from our perspective. The problem is that our partners don't see our lives with the glasses, most of them can only see their worlds with their own glasses. The solution is to have someone ready to see you with your glasses. Anyone who is interested and committed to seeing and hearing your story, perspective or interpretation of life is a gift.

Most people emphasize talking; very few are genuine and active listeners. We can only hear through our prejudices and interpretations of life. We see and understand life on our own path. no two people see life exactly the same, not even twins. It takes work and talent to be a subjective listener who is more interested in acceptance and compassion than interpretation and judgment.

What would it be like if schools teach children how to listen and how to read and write? Listening is more important than speaking, as over 60% of all communication is through body language. No one is really listening; They are judging, interpreting and finding out what they want to say before you end, if you finish. Interpersonal skills are eroding with the advent of technology, email and text.

Communication, commitment and continued personal growth and development become the cornerstone of future relationships. Because this speedy life changes like computers and cell phones, we have to adapt to the changes and challenges of relationships. If you are alone or in partnership, the commitment to ride waves of life will produce a smooth ride in the end; and that means choosing someone who is worth riding in their lives on your desk. With increased cohabitation, people need to know that the failure rate is higher than the divorce rate; Marriage is the best commitment for a relationship.

Change of Consciousness
Relationships are like fingerprints. No two relationships are the same. Our unconscious thinking is drawn from historical images and inscriptions that will never go away and this affects our thoughts and actions. The world is beginning to question and deal with global warming, food shortages, polluted water, energy and financial institutions. It is time to pay attention to our future relationships if our children are to survive. The family level is confident in learning the basic skills of life.

All relationships begin with one person, but the next person starts friendship, tribe, village, family, community, neighborhood or partnership. Every bad or great relationship affects the planet. If we do not have constant and healthy relationship models, conscious loving families will become extinct like Antarctic polar bears. The family is truly one of our greatest natural resources. Let the children teach the children about recycling and family values ​​with the model. It's time to be born "The Relationship Period."


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