Simple ways to increase your blog Upload speed

Let me write a question before I started with the subject. Will you stay on a website if it starts more than a minute? I'm sure most of you will close the page and move to another rather than waiting for it to load. This type of visitor loss can really affect the blog in many ways.

Google has announced that Page Rank for a particular website depends on the loading speed as well. So it is very important for you to optimize your blog.

Here are 5 simple ways to do that,

Use slashes at the end of the path:

This is the most important thing you need to do. Add a backlash at the end of every URL. Slash slash will inform the server that the URL is already in the folder and no need to load the page separately.

Use cache add-ons:

If you use the WordPress platform, there are some cache add-ons that can help you maximize your blog's upload speed.

Reduce JavaScript code:

JavaScript code can make your blog heavy. Do not actively use unused plugins as JavaScript numbers make your blog slow. If you still want a code, go to the Java Script Optimizer.

Optimize images:

Always have a custom optimization image when you upload it to the server as it can greatly help to increase your blog's upload speed. There are many free online image optimizers that can do the job.

Optimized CSS:

Cascading Style Sheets can also affect your blog. There are few online CSS optimizers that help you optimize the CSS used.

These are 5 simple ways that can help you lower your jumps as well.


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