Presence is the gift – live in the present moment

Can we all come to our consciousness as we already become aware of moments or as we in the metaphysics call consciousness in presence? It is often difficult for us to claim that we are living in the present or in the presence because many of us spend most of our spiritual energy in the past or in the future. We are looking for ways to escape the moment. Yet, if we want to be a powerful co-author, we must realize that the presence is the gift.

The desire to become a powerful co-author is in us all. Each of us wants to achieve our desires and pursue strong intentions, but the difficulties we face are left behind. So how do we become aware of current moments? Here are 4 metaphysical and personal development methods and techniques to help you become aware or awaken in the moment:

One thing to become aware of modern moments or to awaken yourself in the presence, you should consider daily practice yoga. Yoga needs the strength of the breath with movement. The asanas or poses are mastered by concentrating energy and intent at the moment. It is very difficult to do yoga while thinking about your cleansing. Your mind and breath will be one and you have to be focused on every move as you run. This is synonymous with life and life. Yoga can be a powerful personal development tool and technique when practicing for the purpose of spiritual growth and enlightenment. In addition, yoga helps by presenting the present moment to build our ability to focus on. This ability to focus helps us develop strong intentions.

Two, make sure your language is present for a moment. When you set your intentions or set your goals and desires, you should practice speaking in the present. For example, one might say ….

… I will be self-sufficient someday.

This is not available. The modern day was saying …

…. I'm self-rich.

We begin to trust such statements by our intent when we often say and when we pray, meditate, and harmonize the right actions with our desires. However, everything starts in the present moment or in the presence.

Third, while recording your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and actions, you should practice a diary in the present. Write about how you feel right now and find ways to validate the true and genuine self at the moment.

Fourth Love. That's right, love. Love the brains. Love yourself and love others. Now, you might be wondering what is love about it? Love has everything to do with it. Love is a very compelling energy and it helps us to be in the moment or in the presence. Love brings orders and peace while we are close to our presence.

And last, look for the gift and the good in all circumstances. Even at our most trying times, if we choose to see a little glimmer of good in every situation, we can continue in the presence without being guilty of shame, shame, regret or self-reassurance. We must find the good and the gift in every situation, even if the glimmer is good or the gift … I lived. This is the reputation of being and becoming. This is the metaphysics of hope for eternity.

Yes, the present or the presence is where we live. If we desire to be powerful co-authors of the universe, we must learn to practice modern consciousness or be aware of our presence. For it is true, all we have is this moment. Yesterday's gone. Tomorrow is not promised. Today is always here and everything we have is this moment. Make the most of it.


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