It is the relationship journey that matters

Today during hours with customers I heard myself say: Good communication with your spouse can be your goal but it is not a purpose (relationship) life. Let me explain.

The journey that counts

The famous quote "It's not the destination but the journey that counts" leaves a few questions unanswered:

  • What is the move?
  • What does it consider especially as part of the trip
  • What does that really mean?

Quotations are good but often leave much to personal interpretation. Let you consider this quote in connection with your relationship.


Whether intimate, casual or communicating with siblings, parents, friends, associates or employees – relationships is rarely easy. Even the best friends struggle with each other, have a misunderstanding or conflict.

This is normal and can be expected.

Relationships, and especially near what they are, tend in themselves to trigger and bring about unresolved issues.

When you make a relationship, you will face a struggle, sooner or later, if you are not leaving the relationship until it is close enough.

You see mom and dad

"Whatever you do, wherever you go, you see mom and dad and they see you." These testimonies describe the behaviors we deal with in life every day. Anyone you meet may remind you of your mother or father, consciously or unconsciously, and you are challenged with similar issues and relationships with your mother or father.

You get the opportunity to complete a transaction that you still have open (= unfinished) between you. These are quit with your relationship, which allows you to grow personally, no matter who you are in contact with and learn a lesson.

What is the relationship between communication and purpose of life?

In a close relationship, especially to the one we believe next, we want to be happy, divorced, seen, grateful, nurtured, loved, informed, listened to … basically, the needs have met. The goal could be this perfect relationship. The purpose, however, is the same. The purpose of a close relationship is to cure the wounds that have been left behind. To become aware of them, we are turning each other on pain (= wound), mainly without intentional or conscious knowledge.

Wounds you will encounter

There are only a few basic channels or topics that the issues you see will fall under:

  • Rejection
  • Abandoned
  • Abduction
  • Fraud Trust)
  • Injustice

Some of these five wounds will communicate or experience in combination.

In fact, it doesn't even matter who you mean. If you can embrace the purpose of learning and growing while connected, each relationship will make much more sense.


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