Is your allocation causing trouble?

Explanation of any form is bad. There may be different reasons why you might be delayed, either at work, out of work, or worse, both. But you have to manage it because somehow or another your suspension is causing you problems.

You can postpone for many reasons. After working with people from different backgrounds, here are some common reasons why you might be delayed.

You are afraid of the outcome

What about this – you are about to go to a weight limit to check your weight because you are afraid you might not lose the number of pounds you are waiting, right?

That's all right!

There's always something better to do instead

You're not sitting at the desk that sends the paperwork you need to do because you'd rather be outside working on your projects, hands – on. It is also a classic example of postponement.

You Can't Help It

You Are Lazy Bum! Unfortunately, there is no specific way to do this. You just can't help yourself because you aren't interested enough. But think about it – no one else will do your job, live your life for you. You have to do it yourself.

So here are my hints to prevent postponement:

Get help

No, not psychiatric species. I mean, get help from your loved ones. Specify your partner or spouse or friend to get you moving, even if you are a person who does not like to ask for help.

That's good for you, so go move!

Make a list

Write your project on paper or on your computer and print it out. Keep it in place as you will see it regularly. Get rid of these tasks.

Motivate Yourself

The only person in the world who knows what motivates you to get out of the couch is you.

Organize your projects according to your interests. Organize a break, enjoyable trips, family hours, whatever in your mind to encourage you to complete a mission and then reward yourself.


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