Important things in life should be difficult.

"It should be difficult. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it." – Tom Hanks (their feature)

First of all, what a great movie! Jimmy Dugan's Managing Director, Tom Hanks, does such a great job in this movie along with all the other stars. One of many quotes related to people is when he responds to the letter Dottie – (played by Gina Davis) and she "leaves the team to return to Oregon with her husband who just got home from war during World War II. She tells him that it was just too hard, he replied that "it is considered difficult. It wasn't hard, everyone would do it.

At that time in the movie – he was talking about baseball play. So she was – but it also hinted to be too hard as it relates to her life too. Her sister kit was only traded in another team that they would face in the World Series soon. Her husband, Bob, was wounded and released by the army after her team-mate lost her husband in the war. When the movie went on, Dottie left, but she came back later to play for her team.

Many lessons here – we all have to work better in life to find a passion that we have to do easier to do things in life. Things that are worthwhile and mean a lot to us are usually things that will take a lot of work and a lot of time to do it. Life is indeed difficult … we can help ourselves when we are pursuing dreams and goals that mean so much to us and mean a lot to those we love and care about.

Sports are great connected things to life … so many educational moments … in fact, everything that needs to be learned as well as everyone can't do it … (music, art, singing, dancing, etc.) Therefore, this and many lessons have been found in so many types of exhibitions. Remember to focus on a few things you associate with and realize that it will not be easy and that is why not everyone does. Also, remember it's worth it – it's one of the great things.


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