How to train the subconscious to succeed

I find that many who are really trying to make a difference in their lives with the conscious application of various personal development rules, but without much success.

When I study further what I lack, a gnawing sense of disbelief and lack of self-worth seems to stop at their best efforts. The reason is that the subconscious is like a huge tape machine that plays out embedded messages of past experiences of our lives.

In childhood, the mind is more influential than in later years. At the same time, a small part of the way we work is consciously mindful.

I have read many theories that say what you are pointing to the subconscious really says it, and yes & # 39; to. But if there were so many of us, we would have talked a great deal of success so far.

The experience that tends to play out is that someone deliberately tries to confirm something that is positive to the subconscious concept and what comes back to them from their inner voice is more like yes! & # 39;

With this common scenario in mind, the question becomes how we train the subconscious to work with consciousness. Here are some thoughts for both aspects:

1. Anything we ask for with consistency will shape your mind
2. The information will be better fulfilled when the brain is in the alpha state – off conscious state
3. Information presented on the subconscious concept at regular intervals will retrain it.

Much has been written about brainwave behavior, which has made a powerful contribution to recreating the mind. Brain wave entrainment is a form of sound technology that already listened to the passive mode stimulates alpha, theta and delta brain wave states. The value of the [alpha] state is that it is otherwise known to disable conscious state. When the information is presented to the brain in this condition, either at an audible or subliminal level, the information takes root easier.

Former President George Lozanov conducted extensive experiments around this, demonstrating that when information is presented in the brain, so many people, when the brain is in an alpha state, are making significant changes to their learning performance.

Common brainwave applications are the use of evidence of different substances presented to the brain in a less audible way (subliminal), against the background of the bands designed to produce alpha brain exercises. Other programs, such as the midpoint program and the thinking university plan, pass the alpha brain accumulation to reach the theta, delta and gamma brainwave states.

Many of these laws can be listened to when you go to bed because the subconscious will still work the information. When combining thought training with conscious personal development, powerful gifts can take place as the brain reorganizes itself to greater activity.

I have experienced significant changes by combining these two approaches, and suggest that you use some kind of brainwave treatment every day. Frequent and regular daily exposure is more effective than one hour a week.


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