How to Jumpstart Your Ideal Career

A friend asked for help. During the interview, the interviewer asked her a question she gave an honest answer.

What is your ideal job?

When my friend replied to an event schedule, the interviewer laughed and said that the dream is … highly sought after and mostly recruited. I can list three exceptions to controlling it from the top of the head. And I don't know anyone other than my friend who claims and doesn't already have it. So I'm sure the recipient's attitude reflects the entry barrier, how to blow the barrier away.

1) Get paid. How to make a new one that does not require a master's degree Join a temporary agency for temporary events programs.

2) Join the Alliance. Take part in some Meetups and Facebook groups around the appropriate network. If you know a woman, join a group of women. To organize an event, each event usually has one at a time each month and everyone is dying to help with planning. Choose groups that interest you. Don't bring the faint if not what many come up with. The goal of this exercise is to get a name and facial analysis, learn about local forums, other organizers and events, and what works and what is not around it.

3) Look Legit. Create a business card and LinkedIn says you do what you want to do. Google business cards that apply to your industry. The cards are cheap. They are worth the $ 10 investment. You have a card. You're serious. Have your name, phone number, website, Twitter and if applicable, Instagram.

4) Create a website. Consider blogging about an event plan. With time or money, invest in SEO. Your goal is to indicate ways to your business. Optimize your SEO right now so it will be a breeze when you have paid a job to do. Guest mails and post guest mails as this will also build audiences and increase SEO.

5) Start using Twitter and Instagram. Take pictures of events. Build the following.

6) Read blog . This is the quickest way to learn about your industry. See bloggers as mentors. Figure out if you have any questions.

7) Tell your family and friends. Become a freelancer, consultant, or expert in this field. Focus on how you constantly strive to become a better X. They just hire you or tell their friends.

8) Assign your services to social media. Call email potential partners and leads.

9) Most important of all, Build your portfolio. Work for free, work for nonprofits and make Craigslist gigs. Spend your first 2-3 months building your property while you still have your current job. Once you have a portfolio of 5 projects that focus on your work, submit it to Dribble and your website.

I suggest you think about what you are interested in making a career out of, day by day and then go into this booking process. No need to do this in this order. In fact, everything did. Let me know how it works. It's basically what I did but not for the planning of events.


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