How do you choose a good teacher?

Do you know how to choose a good mentor?

When you reach a goal, whether personal or business, one step is to find a mentor. But finding a mentor is more than just picking someone from thin air, it takes time to choose a good mentor. In addition to ensuring that your mentor shares your convictions and values ​​in life before choosing your mentor, ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Want specific advice? What do you need a tutor for? Is it business or personal? You want to choose a mentor who is experienced in the area you need.
  2. Want to get someone who just has to listen? Maybe you want someone who simply listens to you once a month at lunch or coffee meeting. Or whether you want a weekly sounding board by email or by phone. But they listen, you just want them to listen. If this is the case, you need to find someone who is interested and able to do so.
  3. Want to get someone complete or the opposite? Some thrive in situations where the mentor cares for them, others are under pressure. Be honest about what person you are. There is no justification, not right or wrong, but you must be honest with yourself about what kind of person you are so you can find the right mentor for you.
  4. Want a model? Should your mentor already be where you want to go and simply the model behavior that got them there and lets you track? Sometimes, all we need is access to someone we don't want to think about.
  5. Give that person good advice now? If you're considering a certain person as a mentor, try asking them for advice to see how they handle it before they formally approach the idea. How do you feel about hiring? Not everyone who can succeed can advise others on how to repeat their success.
  6. What can you offer your mentor instead? It is very important that you offer something in return for your mentor, whether it shows gratitude or feedback about the tips they give. In addition, you may have knowledge of an area that would benefit your mentor or you may be able to introduce them to someone they want to meet.
  7. Is one ready to be an instructor? Not everyone wants to be a guide. Many want to be honored that you asked and jumped at the opportunity to help shape another person into a successful person. But be prepared if your goal is not interesting. Whatever happens, it's not personal. Keep searching.
  8. Do I need more than one supervisor? If you have business ideas and personal expectations, you may need more than one tutor. For example, if you want to improve your diet and learn to do better in business, you may need two separate trainers because they are different.

Choosing a good mentor takes a little time and discussion. Sometimes women spend more time choosing shoes or accessories, but they are considering who they want to help them practice their lives. Look at potential mentors objectively, factual in their abilities, accessibility and interest and you will be more likely to find mutual beneficial relationships.


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