Growth of supplemental and ancillary drugs for cancer patients

Interest in additional technology and other healing has grown steadily in the United States. Adult and Alternative Adolescents (CAMs) reported for American adults are now over 60%. Subjects undergoing cancer treatment and treatment have a higher rate of use. KAM activities, such as diet, exercise, meditation, and spirituality, have become widely recognized and practiced in health care across the nation.

It is important to note that no major clinical trials have found any other or additional therapies to reduce or eliminate cancer on their own. There are countless stories and personal stories of individuals "typing cancer by simply doing —" but it is advisable for patients to take care of less than scrupulous CAM professionals. By saying, many doctors agree that there are numerous CAM treatments that can play an important role in helping to treat the symptoms of cancer treatment.

Yoga and Meditation are two great examples of CAM therapy that can play a role in improving the quality of life of cancer patients. Both are ancient practices rooted in India and used in Ayurvedic medicine. In the context of modern cancer services, they have each been found to be a great way for cancer patients to reduce anxiety, stress and mood. Yoga has been especially shown to improve flexibility, balance and mobility for certain patients. Both yoga and meditation have seen tremendous growth in public recognition over the past ten years. Yoga has become something of a cultural development; spawning things like yoga pants, yoga body and yoga mom. With regard to healthcare, many large healthcare providers offer a wide range of yoga and meditation-based patients.

All CAM options have not been shown to be clinically useful or important. Many popular types of "other drugs" have little or no major clinical validation. Homeopathy is an ideal example of a very popular and primary choice of medical practice with virtually no major clinical confirmation. Homeopathy is a complex European medical practice with numerous highly controversial steps. Homeopathy is best known for the minimum dose law – the idea of ​​the lower dose of the drug, the greater its strength. Recently, homeopathic experts came under the most popular media reports to recommend homeopathic vaccinations for children rather than state and government recommended vaccinations. When testing proteins, it was found that homeopathic vaccinations did not prevent infection by designated diseases and were therefore very likely to endanger children.

The result is that cancer patients and their doctors should look for evidence that is most likely to have a positive effect on their treatment. For healthcare professionals it is important to work to create a trusting environment where the patient feels comfortable talking about and asking for CAM options. CAM options work best when used in conjunction with traditional medicine, and it is therefore important that healthcare professionals understand the overall therapeutic approach to prevent potentially adverse effects.


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