Finding yourself sincere – 10 hours growing

Finding yourself in solitude. Everyone hears this time and time again. From the consequence of youth when sent to "timeout" for isolation, each person needs to stay with one's feelings. Even through working hours, lock your mind and body behind secret doors to finish the last story or ask a creative mission. Isolation, solitude, being one-word, is a symbol of growth and progress. They emphasize a deeper understanding, not just about the human environment, but also about the past and the future, as well as the most important and empowering quality criteria within the present moment.

Yes, who are you, I dare ask? Where are you? And what and why are you doing exactly? Well, to find out I have a suggestion: Notice all your stupid friends. Release work. Release your family and friends (assuming you have the freedom to give up this responsibility). No wait. Unfortunately … I mean quitting work, getting to school without going to school and buying that simple ticket to nowhere. Traveling alone is to find the answers you have sought and discover the questions to all your false thoughts. It's your world. It's your adventure. 1) Responsibility

T Here are ten things you learn while traveling alone (with space to add) and one the most important, the quality of the personality that made you to be a single traveler – to get here in the first place, is a responsibility.

To take one's life in one hand and have the freedom and maturity to shape it into the form, form, and experience of one desire is to embrace this basic knowledge. Hopefully, we take full responsibility for ourselves and on a real day as we make our life begin to change as we witness how we are responsible for everything we do – every thought, word, action, and emotion. This affirmation of our own responsibility for the life we ​​lead gives us the power to change. We make artists in our lives.

In the words of Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller: "Why should I be grazing when I could be the artist?" Likewise, the solitude and the time we take to travel through this world alone allows space to look upon us as solely responsible for our life experiences and inherit grazing in our own hands.

2) Self-Service

A fourth obstacle to self-reliance there developed a new respect and a new dimension to survival. Confidence is the answer. See it as a naval story after jumping into the air and clearing the warranty. It is the perception of lightness and pleasure. It is a pleasure to achieve the worldly possessions that remain. "I am a lion! This is my life! Hear me, prey!"

That's right. A hindrance lion that floats with all your skins and prepare to … shave yourself!

3) Independence

Welcome to independence when you come down to the initial level and land on earth. You are now scared of everything but yourself. This is a newfound freedom that has assigned responsibility, denying the outside world after accepting this new state of self-confidence. You are creating your independence. No longer do you have to congratulate yourself. You no longer search for those external methods.

From the beginning you were already alone. You were probably in the womb alone. And now you are traveling and embracing this solitude, allowing yourself and only making your decisions; what to eat, where to sleep, as a train to catch and in which bus stops going. You are the guardian of your own master's chair. Do you want to sleep in the middle of the day, read the class at noon, take a long lunch out under the stars? Fine. I say so, because no one is stopping you without hesitation.

4) Like and do not like

Now, with these different laws on your evolution of spiritual, physical, emotional and spiritual growth, in control of your own destiny, out there in the world, who lives day by day, comes a soloist in terms of wishes and dislikes. Again, one trip travels through a unique solitude to step out of the game's social skills. It will solve all your expectations. You don't have to listen to anyone. You don't have to meet everyone's needs. You do not have timetables, appointments, meetings or deadlines with projects, papers, exams, etc. It's just you. And by thinking about the mind you start to remember who you are, remember which factors and factors in life you enjoy the most and the ones you used the most. Then, without hesitation (you have to let go), you jump as if forever discarded.

5) Emotions

With a detailed analysis of likes and dislikes and with continued awareness of what you are about and off, feelings arise. Again, I cannot emphasize the deepest responsibility. It is because of this responsibility that you have taken for your life that you can jump through the songs of likes and dislikes and discover your feelings. No, it is not your feelings of your friends, roommate or your lover, no matter what you want. No … they're not here. You are alone. Yes that is correct. And they are your feelings and only yours.

Emotions are a combination of mind and body that sends you messages. They tell you where you are in the physical and emotional arena. They inform you where you need to be-again, physically and mentally-to be healthy and healthy. Emotions are parts of your overall – the inner soul – and in isolation one can numb the key the key from the past. Then the astrologer can return to Ralph Waldo Emerson's depth when he said: "No one of us will ever do anything outstanding or a ruler except when he listens to this whisper he hears alone."

6) Patterns and responses

Clear the view of the traveler by making sure of daily life, whether it is work or school or family or non-stop resolvers. So often we live in the past or the future. We do not stop to see and be the present moment- our present moment. Indeed, it is a gift and to let this gift slip over and over again, to miss the beauty of the day, the hour and the seconds of it. They will never come back.

Patterns and our responses to these patterns are what prevent us from living and participating in the beauty we are talented. Starting from what we know best and frolicking in the unknown, we can see this pattern far from seeing how we react to them. Therefore, when they inevitably rise once, with continued awareness, we can prevent us from accepting old habits and deceptions. Each new day is our rebirth and every new breath can be like inhalation for the first time.

7) Subsequent analysis

The current moment is fine thread silks. It is divided into milliseconds of nanoseconds before it expires in the past on one side and the future, on the other. Being in the present is a wonderful skill, but sometimes it is good to focus on the past.

You are drinking in the Andaman Sea from the West Coast of Thailand. You see a woman who walks on the beach reminding you of an old lover, past friends, someone you have long been in frustration. You are alone. You have it isolated to track your thoughts. You reach it deep into the past and navigate through its parts.

These moments in previous analysis allow you to heal sore spots, lick old wounds, and overcome the pain that remains today, whether shown on yourself or others. With this process of self-healing, the private community can unite with others and develop a mature relationship; One more natural and unconditional lover for the benefit of both parties, which includes the environment. Later analysis while traveling alone gives the adventure a ride in the past to recover forgotten lessons and suppress emotions.

8) Future Dreams

Almost we leave the past, through today's flutter and into a huge future. Here there is an unchanged possibility. The future is boundless. It's borderless. It is a fantasy without buildings built by the past and not shown by this moment. The future is your dreams & # 39; playground.

During the journey, see the future as everything and nothing. It's your empty canvas and there's no better time while you are alone on the Thai coast, on the dizzying Himalayan bus ride or on the South American train ride through the Andes to weigh in hopes, dreams and possibilities. They are all there, so thicken your diary and write, draw, scribble and dabble imaginary create something that wants heart, no matter how selfish or selfless. Remember, "I'm a lion! It's my life! Hear me, prey!" All that is necessary in life is to ask, believe, and receive with gratitude. It is the law of attraction: Abracadabra (no nose stumps, threads or patches, unless you are) and that is yours.

9) Self Caution

The above eight steps are not concrete. They are not rules or dictations. They are just ideas thrown into the world of potential and endless variety. Basically, however, they are a step in a journey of development that can be taken at any time, anywhere, by someone. But as a personal journey, it is the best in silence of your own presence, and a journey alone contributes to this with ease and little else for potential. It teaches the pilgrim to care for himself because it is only when one master is voluntary that a person can progress. It is only when peace is created at home that it can spread abroad and be implemented. Everything comes from the interior and encompasses external, because with careful study and adaptation to the constant change of demands to care for the needs of the human being, the adventure can share it with transformation and return to the abundance of the world.

10) How to love

The end is love itself. Love is the master. Love is our master. When we live with love, all thought, words, actions, and feelings are given out of this essence of our being – to be love. Through traveling and through the various developmental processes of his pilgrimage, he rides the freeway into the heart and sprang into the indescribable sense of love and peace. And from the words of one last sage on the doorstep of this last level of personal growth, which no one else said, Joseph Campbell said, "You are this mystery you are trying to know."

You are the love you first thought, whether aware of it or not. Your personal journey, either in this lifetime or in the future, will lead you to this center within you. Traveling solely to solo search is the ultimate stimulus for this great journey given to humanity as the birthright. So, find yourself in solitude as the inner landscape of personality becomes the most audible in the world of possibilities.


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