Energy – what do you do in the morning?

It is important to understand what the source of our vital energy is. It helps us understand who we are and why we are working as we do. It can also explain why certain areas of our lives are not working the way we want or work well. Indeed, it also affects our search for happiness, personal development, and enforcement.

Read this carefully: We get physical and mental energy from our values. Absolutely!

You might wonder what I mean by value? What is value? Simply by value I mean what I felt to be good or important to me.

If you get money to pay the bills, it's more important to you than to stay in bed, you'll go up and go to work or do what you need to do to earn money. If you win a gold medal at the next Olympics, what matters to you is that you have to train a lot every day to reach the peak and compete in your sports. If you are healthy for you, then you will make a healthy choice of nutrition, exercise, mind, etc. You see, we are driven by our value, it will literally instruct our policy motivation in life.

Why is it so important for us to know? Why is it so important for us to identify these values ​​in different areas of our lives?

Let us, for example, contact the area. Imagine another married couple sharing their lives and raising a family. Tell the woman to have the core value of open communication and close relationship with her children and husband. On the other hand, the personal value of her husband is having fun with her friends and being away from home for the most part. Can you see how this can create a major relationship? The mother expects him to be present at the family life, but man can also endanger his freedom even after his wife wants to be more present. It is to lead us to have common values ​​that can be needed to survive. Indeed, not everything is wrong to say that having a common value is like (if not more) important relationship as love can last for the life of marriage. Do all values ​​in the couple be the same? Of course not, but the main essence of home values ​​must be similar in many ways to success.

The same principle can be used in health care. Someone will find the energy and decision to stop smoking the day his health will be more important than his desire to smoke. Health value must be stronger than his satisfaction with smoking in order for him to stop being successful.

So you'll find your energy where your real value is. A good example of this is depression. Depression often occurs when our values ​​are so high that we believe they cannot be achieved. So we get depressed because we know we won't succeed in fulfilling them. Being too perfected and never satisfied with what we are and can achieve can lead to depression.

Let us ask a question: Are my true values ​​harmonized with positive and universal values? Like honesty, respect, love, integrity, etc. It seems that the more our personal values ​​are harmonized with spiritual values, the more we seem to experience joy, fulfillment, and happiness.

If your life is not going where you want, you may want to look at what is important to you and look deeply into the thoughts that keep you where you are. You can find value that doesn't serve you well anymore and you can start moving your life in a new and appropriate way for you.


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