Effective stress management strategy

We experience stress in some way or another in our daily lives. Here we will discuss what stress, stress technology is, to reduce, reduce and prevent stress that adversely affects our lives. Stress is a concern or a threatening feeling that occurs when we interpret or appreciate situations like being more than our psychological resources can adequately treat (Lazarus, 1999a). In the wording, when we face some situations (both negative and positive) and we think we can handle the situation; then we really don't have stress. Indeed, my experience of stress that is not threatening and utilizing effective stress strategies, as a great incentive for me to continue to excel in my work while working for a large international oil and gas company listed in the Fortune 500. We Can If We Want To Interpret Stressful Situations As A Challenge For Possible Personal Growth Or Instead Of Tired. then it will lead to positive emotions, such as exercise or tension. Finally, for example, in your work, it will lead to positive results in your career, such as accelerated promotion, high bonuses, and annual levels.

However, stressful situations that are interpreted or evaluated by us may be threatening to our well-being and without the use of effective stress factors lead to negative emotions; fear, depression, fear, resentment, burn, anxiety and even violence; and psychiatric symptoms such as muscle pain, fatigue, headache, skin disorders, eating problems, insomnia, high blood pressure or heartbeat etc.. Threatening situations can only be interpreted or assessed, such as changing your work or getting married. stressful but real events.

Before we begin to use effective stress management strategies to reduce or contain current stressful situations, we must determine the root cause of the cause. It is not possible to get a cure for the symptoms except without really knowing the root causes of that stressful condition. I once mentioned, I was in serious depression and went to a medical specialist for assistance. Surprisingly and surprisingly, a physician expert reassured me calming down. (For information, I was once told by my friend's doctor that doctors are trained to provide symptomatic treatment). It's like weeding in your yard. You click away the weeds and you think the problem is gone and gone. But don't forget that the roots are still there and the weeds will certainly grow again. So my depression became more than a year ago. I was moody and couldn't sleep well. My wife and children declared that I was incorrigible. After all, after effectively locking the stress method, the root cause of the stress situation was diminished and actions were immediately taken to eliminate the roots. My depression is completely gone and now I can sleep like a child.

When caused by a stressful state, stress processes are identified to address, reduce or even prevent stress from returning. The stress knowledge involves a problematic methodology that requires the need to identify the root causes of stressful conditions and to use effective solutions to eradicate roots.


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