Do you feel like a beginner?

I went to college for the first time when I turned 20, then back in early 30, and I studied homeopathy at the beginning of my 40s. As you can imagine, I felt like a beginner of all time. Can you refer to this even if you do not start anything new? My own mind didn't like this, but then I realized that this feeling wasn't about to start again. It was a resistance to personal growth.

Like the universe itself, life moves in centuries and cycles, and each cycle gets a new opportunity that feels like a beginning, even though it is part of an even larger phase of the sequel, we need to achieve everything. If you follow closely to notice that at about the same time each year, you have the opportunity to review or revise similar issues you had to deal with the year before. Often, issues come back as emotional memories but sometimes you can also see more obvious repetition of past experiences.

Some examples may include things such as: a particular conversation or argument, especially to the same person; sudden financial cuts or increases; relationship or family drama; and all feelings related to beginning or endurance. Think about where you were and how you felt last year at this time. Of course, the emotional stuff you are here to understand and work through is repeated regularly because the content of your life was textured with a pattern created by these issues.

Now, how much beginner are you really getting crystal clear when you have been on a spiritual path or a journey of self-examination and self-awareness for a while. No matter how much you have worked on yourself, you are dealing with the same unresolved issues and sometimes what you thought was finally going to sleep to beat your face.

After years of psychotherapy and a 3-year personal retreat, where I almost completely challenged the world, I felt like dealing with the same issues as the Buddhist who made 40 days of Vipassana meditation and later back in the Guide to the Enlightened Master I followed over 12 years. Every time I felt like a beginner, and every time the cycle repeated itself to show me the other side of my old pattern.

The same material shown in every relationship, every business venture, every level of life, and every step of the way. But through the process that resembled a beginner over and over, I came to believe that in the spirit of life, we are always in the beginning . This is not because we start something new; We are on a psyche and in fact everything we do is a continuation of what we have done before in this or previous life.

Being in the beginning (every moment, day, or stage) means you have the opportunity to look at something old with new eyes to discover the elements that you might not see before. Your spouse wants to demand clear enforcement and pushes you to leap ahead of yourself or to believe that you should be somewhere other than where you are; then it will bring you back into the past when you gave the opportunity. As long as you continue to attach to this spiritual loop, it regulates your life while you remain powerless.

However, your soul wants you to know the issues that you learned to work from every possible point of view so you can consciously choose when you come back – respond to your higher standards instead of working out the duty or those are the result of them. This is true power. This is true freedom.

Sometimes these issues will lose their consequences and have to sleep for good. You will find the peace that the humble spiritual beginner who takes life when it comes, opens for divine women to show you the way and sails life with the love and interest of a divine child. Are you ready to embrace this? Contact me today and go to this feminine self-determination and emotional freedom!

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