Do as you please – not as you should

"Your trouble and me is that we are trying to behave just as one should cost off, with our own consent, our individualism. What we do is what we really want to do, in addition to annoying status quo becomes more appealing to us what we believe or say we want. "(Moshe Feldenkrais, Elusive Obvious, p. Xii, 1981)

So Moshe Feldenkrais advises you to stop trying to act correctly and understand instead how you do something. Unless you know how to do something, you have no choice because there is no choice. That way, you are simply doing trauma and this lacks individualism and approval. However, if you learn how to do something, you will be able to make choices and choices. And you release your coercion and position quota. You must ignore your personality and be able to do so accordingly. If you are simply trying to act correctly or as you should, you will lose the connection yourself, your desires and your dreams. So, Feldenkrais advises, do as you please, not as you should.


Choose one action next week and decide to do it as you please, not as you should. For example, don't go to a party you really don't want to go into. Don't go to the gym because you should. Notice how you chose what to do – any event or obligation to participate. Choose another action (something you want to do) and see how you do it. How did you choose? What did you think in your body to make a choice about doing something you want and vice versa? When did you do the action, how did you do it?


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