10 Tips for Success

Presentations. Love them or hate them, at some point we all have to do them. So here are our top 10 tips for effective promotion.

1. Your audience may have preconditions so do your best to control their concerns. You do this by showing reassurance and compassion to your audience and demonstrating your understanding.

2. Set the key points at the beginning and end of each chapter. This is likely that we will remember your presentation.

3. Introduce each concept as it is the truck; 30 seconds to summarize will be enough to bring interest rates and set expectations.

4. Use personal anecdotes and humor but don't say jokes! The punchline might just fall flat …

5. Remember to ensure that output is met and reviewed.

6. Get feedback from your audience by asking questions. Interactivity is great in promotions and your representatives will be happy but if they are just "talked to."

7. Focus on your participants; phrases from their point of view, use their language where possible.

8. Prepare, prepare, prepare. But be prepared to be flexible; questions will be inevitable and you need to be confident enough to answer them.

9. If it goes wrong in any way; Take it in your step. What is the worst thing that can happen? If your technology fails, do you know your content and can continue without it?

10. Have fun! If you like, the audience will also be.

There seems to be some misunderstanding that we need to introduce with PowerPoint, issue handouts and follow a tried and tested formula. I have trained many courses over the years and participants have expressed a surprise that I have not used PowerPoint slides very much in the courses. PowerPoint is a great tool for promotion, but only if the presenter is good too. Without a speaker who knows his stuff, we are just having a lot of slides that may or may not mean anything to us.

My favorite presentations are those that are interactive where the presenter works in the room and not just the laser.

Ask a lot of questions from your audience when you present, participate in the procedure, and promote them. It is such a beautiful feeling that the audience is a participant and not just a viewer.

If you are anxious, you will become interactive with your audience, put your nerves on and also mean that you do not do everything. This gives you time to breathe and think about what's coming next.

Be yourself, enjoy, do not read your slides.


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