The 7 keys to Martial Arts Speed

Regardless of your martial arts or method … speed is important for competitive performance and self-defense. Razor-sharp reactions are often the only difference between working and losing physical confrontation.

By accessing the seven keys to martial arts speed, you can maximize the benefits of your training and improve your competition and self-defense skills. The absolute best vehicle to access the seven keys to martial arts speed is the Speed ​​Loop (TM) training system.

Speed ​​Loop consists of seven parts of speed and their relationship with each other when used in competition or self-defense. The Speed ​​Loop training system is designed to isolate, transform, maximize, and integrate seven characteristics of martial arts speed, including:

  1. Visual Reflexes : This section focuses on the training methods that increase your ability to spot op and track movements . Special visual responses allow you to recognize, monitor, analyze, adapt, and combat movements with precision and confidence. In martial arts, visual responses are mainly used for prolonged battles. In addition, visual responses are important for the success of world-class athletes in all competitive sports.
  2. Tactile Reflexes : This section focuses on the training methods that will develop sensitive (touch) responses. With practice, you can learn to immediately find what your opponent is trying to do by quickly interpreting your body strength. You must allow an opponent all movements when you are in a grappling or jail. Ninety-five percent of all battles get close. Get ready!
  3. Revision Response : You can improve your hearing sensation by increasing your abilities. It is important to respond quickly to what you hear. In situations where you have to defend yourself against many attackers, you will more than likely hear the attack before you see it. If you've ever experienced blind sparring or struggling in the dark, you know the importance of this feature.
  4. Adaptation Speed ​​: This section focuses on the ability of the mind to instantly select the perfect action to respond to an attack or opening. You should develop the ability to immediately select the most effective moves that are used at any time during a physical collision. Highly developed adaptation speed will allow your response to perform the motion assessment process automatically. With training, you learn to act quickly, accurately and without thought.
  5. Initial Speed ​​: You must focus on the development of the explosion, once you have selected the right action to start. It's not how fast you move, but how quickly you get there that really matters. Your attack can be very fast in flight, but slow takeoffs will significantly reduce your chances of actually landing the attack on the target. Train yourself to let your movements pass before they are seen by developing a flawless poker face and the ability to relax after will.
  6. Exercise speed : Exercise speed is the ability to quickly move parts or your body from one place to another. It is the speed that most people know about the public as a whole. In addition to genetics and body weight, the ability to contract and relax your muscles will effectively determine your speed of movement. Don't worry about the "promotional frequency" speed. Your training should focus on developing "applied" speeds that will help you overcome and drag your opponent in seconds.
  7. Changing Speed ​​: Be sure to participate in exercises that develop the protection known as change rates during training. The rate of change involves the ability to change directions quickly in the center of motion. Essentially, it involves control of balance and inertia. With a master's degree in physical education, you can develop the ability to stop your movement immediately … just if you start the wrong movement.

In addition to seven keys, you should incorporate speed-limiting exercises into your training to achieve full speed development. Speed ​​of happiness is the ability to slow down the adversity during your attacks. Having good speeding skills will increase your ability to confuse, immobilize and overcome an opponent.

By focusing on the maximum development of each speed component, the training will be more efficient and effective. This will help you develop better speed and power in the shortest possible time.

Use the innovative Speed ​​Loop training system and you can maximize speed and power for MMA, martial arts, boxing and wrestling. To learn more, visit


The secret to speed up your computer

Come to the point, do you want to speed up your computer, right? Who doesn't.

Here are five simple ways:

1. See how much system memory you have. Slightly less than 4 concerts are considered low these days. The good news is, RAM is very cheap, and so easy to set up that you can do it yourself. I'm not going to write the course here, but the tail is it, just shoot the stick in the empty slot (that's what she said).

2. Turn off all the annoying programs that start with your computer. This can be done by entering msconfig in the run. There you can access the Open tab and disable all the annoying programs that slow down your computer. This can make one of the most noticeable differences in PC speed, and it only takes a minute to do.

3. Free up space on your hard drive. A full disk runs slower than a half full disk. Just like a fat person, it runs slower than the one who is slim. It's like the world goes around. Free up any disk on your hard drive and I will make sure you will immediately see the performance of your computer.

Scan your computer for viruses and spyware. These little buggers can really affect your computer's speed, big time. AVG is a good free virus scanner that you can install. It's also very light, so it shouldn't slow down your computer. You should always have an anti-virus system running, especially if you surf the internet. There are thousands of people out there trying to steal information from innocent people. Don't let one of these people be you because you left your computer unprotected.

5. Invest in a good registry cleaner. I can't stress this level enough. One of the main causes of PC slowing down is the bloated registry. Registry cleaners scan your PC for corrupt, copied and obsolete keys and remove them. This alone will make your computer run like Superman. Okay, maybe not faster than speeding, but you know what I mean.

Follow these five steps and you can turn off having to buy a new computer for a long time. Take it from someone who uses a computer that is five years old and still running strong: the secret is maintenance.


The Ultimate Solution to Stop Bullying

If you accept Michael Talbot's theory that we are holographic institutions living in the holographic universe, then we are conscious with physical experience. I equate consciousness to energy.

We are living in energy patterns or archetypes that recycle like fictional characters in the heroes and villains plot. Most, if given the opportunity, prefer to be a hero rather than a villain as it represents valor, perfection, goodness, and strength. The hero needs a victim, and the victim wants the hero to fix his life by removing the curse.

Why do we need violence for victims?

What do they gain from tormenting or controlling other people? Why do victims of heroes have to save themselves? And why do heroes step into a powerful mess that leads to bullying instead?

What is a curse?

Bully can be a spouse, boss, parent, sibling, neighbor, politician, fellow church member, or government employee. In other words, someone can be cursed when they lose their temper and try to do harm in words or actions.

A person straying to harm another person to get something from the victim. The Arsenal hopes to assert the position of power over a weaker person because the curse lacks something inside Bully is incapable of securing happiness in himself so that he strives to control another person to create a sense within his own mind. Bullying is the act of creating spiritual hair in the tiger with interference.

The ironic schizophrenic archetype is that it would not be if the victim did not exist. Or the victim did not exist if the hero did not exist. Or the hero would not be if the tumblers did not exist. Who needs the other to survive. In other words, the psychological role play repeats circular, one each time for eternity.

If Hero / Rescuer's self-image could be removed from our third-dimensional experience, can we complete the cycle of victims and persecution? Could humans be happy in peace and harmony as equals?

I think it's possible. Certainly, humans can increase their consciousness and vibrate with tremendous love, but they must first realize that they are playing bars that exist within their energy sources. Carl Jung would describe these roles as Identities, Ids or Personas. These identifiers exist in our energy company as karmic inscriptions or growth barriers. If you want to heal the world, you must first heal yourself.

Most people who include the Hero archetype are a Christ-like Archetype, which are words to represent Martyr persona. Nightmare is a strong religion among Christians, Mormons, Protestants, Muslims, Catholics, and more. Believing that one suffers from other characters from the idea that external action leads to God's approval, love, and respect.

Where did this faith come from?

Unworthiness, non-indexation, guilt and shame were karmic replicas created by Nicea's Council in 325th place. The Council removed books from the Bible, some of which were thought to have been written by Jesus Christ on the subject of ascension. The material reincarnation was removed from the Bible. God was considered outside of us instead of us. Mankind was no longer considered the sons and daughters of God, so it would be dependent on the Savior instead of harnessing the inner Christ Avatar itself or Christ's consciousness. The idea of ​​duality was further focused on the story of fear, God's wrath, and that we were born of sin.

Why did the council choose to do this?

If you cannot control mankind with armies and guns, the easiest way to control mankind is through their faith. Religious system becomes a frequency band to keep mankind in judgment, fear, shame and unworthiness. These low frequencies shut down the brain to keep it from increasing consciousness.

The ultimate solution to stopping bullying is to understand the character you are playing and cure that person in your energy. We can increase our vibration and reach into harmony and divine love by healing the wounds within our energy company. Healing a powerful body is nothing but a miracle as it is healing DNA and your destiny.


The Amazing Healing Power Crystals


Crystals have amazing healing powers.

Crystals are solid energy and it is all on earth and in the universe. So why are crystals so useful to us? Well, our body is made of a complex electromagnetic system, also known as a vibrating energy system. Nature has created crystals to be a perfect electrical conductor, they interact perfectly with our electromagnetic system. Crystals have been found to be vibrating to activate the chakras within the electromagnetic system and therefore have a positive effect on the whole body.
Crystals in ancient Egypt were used in temples to help people transform emotions, heal their bodies, and connect deeper to infinite. Crystals have been used by civilizations around the world for thousands of years to heal and balance humanity.

Each crystal has unique vibrations and we can use them to activate or look at organs or other parts of the body. You can learn to use them easily with a little help from your right brain. The left brain is the one who works everything out, the right brain is intuitive, the one who brings chills. So, relax and let us know more about our amazing healing crystals.

1 / When you get a tobacco or a web page, think about why you want this crystal and what you want to help it with. Then look at the crystals with the eyes half closed and let the hand cross them. When your hand wants to stop, skip it and take the crystal under it or point it online. You have to use your right brain when you do this and that's the only brain that can really help in this.

Think about the problem or intent for the great cure crystal, for example: I want to cure my arm. & # 39; Think or say: & # 39; The arm is strong and healthy & # 39; and put the crystal on the forehead while you continue to think this. Now take the crystal and move it over your arm, take it with you and put it on your head so often, bring it over your arm again and repeat your confirmation. You can find that amazing healing crystals have great power to expand and form thoughts and energy. Keep doing this for ten days and many who find themselves excited about their healing powers that the crystals have helped to grow.

Some crystals are more powerful than others, you will know who is right for you when using your first exercise.

Crystals are gifts from the earth, the more we use them more, we find how amazing these crystals are and how amazing our healing powers are.


Trauma Bonding – Understanding Hygiene Relations

A trauma band is characterized by fraud that is so purposeful and self-serving as it moves in a state of trauma. Trauma bonds create solid shirts that connect to someone who is useful, dangerous, offensive and or toxic. The person who is in a relationship is very confused in their relationship, but they cannot break it.

Here are some characteristics of a relationship that fit this description of toxic factors:

1) The relationship is manipulative and exploitive
2) Contracts are poorly defined, vague and clear
3) Feelings are anxious
4) Contracts are short-term and difficult to navigate
5) Relying often depends on exaggerated or unrealistic promises
6) Prizes are in the future and often conditional
7) Risk is often one
8) Emotions are absent and prizes are minimal.

Some examples of relationships on trauma relationships are the conditions of sexual abuse or sexual persons. In addition, many relationships that start out as intimate and life long can be moved to a collision course. Other cases where trauma may occur are abortion or kidnapping.

There are many factors in a shock relationship like this. If you think you might be in the relationship described above, it is very important that you start to see the truth of the situation. Being traumatized robs your self-image and keeps you locked in a prison that can only be survived by closing your emotions and indeed your inner soul.

See the Truth About Your Condition

There is help and hope in place. The first step is to start seeing the truth of the situation. The only antidote to the confusion you might find is starting to live in truth. It is difficult and scary at first; While constantly asking yourself, the "truth of your condition" is the original question that you must begin to explore. You weren't created to be in the bondage described above.


10 Reasons to Challenge You

You can cut yourself off:

# 1 Grown as an individual

It all starts with you. The subjects below will all help you grow as a person, but there is even more to it. Participate in self-examination, learning who you are writing, working to be real, good, honest, caring, sudden, spiritual, etc.

# 2 Athens consciousness, knowledge and education

waste of life. A complacent, inactive mind is sad. Make your mantra "I have to look for awareness" and your universe will grow and grow. The more we know more, we understand how little we really understand. It's really challenging and exciting! With the internet, the most common library of knowledge is at your fingertips. Be curious and look for the truth about what matters to you.

# 3 Be Healthy Physically and Spiritually

Without health, we have nothing. We can challenge ourselves to lose weight, eat better, practice, receive healthcare, and teach us how to do it. A healthy body gives a healthy spirit.

# 4 Build wealth

Money, money, money. We all want more but without demanding, we are more likely to earn it. Money can't buy happiness but it can help us calm down and enjoy life more! Set goals and try yourself more, save more and get more money, money, money.

# 5 Be Sufficient

When the world economy is struggling, more and more are relying on others to avoid it. Let's face it, it hurts to not control your life. Challenge yourself to take the necessary steps to put yourself in a position where you can be the master of your own domain.

# 6 Progress in your work

Are you happy with your career? If you answered yes, good for you! Unfortunately, most of us are not quite happy with our career and want to make progress within it. A conscious, appreciated look at goals can challenge us and help us improve our lives in life.

# 7 Become a Better Friend or Partner

Traditional wisdom says that friends, family, and health are the most important things in life (I would add "awareness"). Having a good, real friend is bound to be happy, but are we the best friend we can be? Do we listen well enough? Do we reach out to our friends to show them that we love? Being a good friend is a real job and requires conscious, consistent work. Insist that we can become a better friend will undoubtedly make your life (and your friends live) adequate.

# 8 Seek inspiration and be creative

All great artists always learn one golden rule: you have to look for inspiration. If Vincent van Gogh waited for an attempt to strike, he did not want his extraordinary work to evaluate and he would have been still inadequate. It doesn't matter what you do in life, you need to be creative and search inspiration is an endless quest that requires real diplomacy. Require finding ways to be inspired is essential.

# 9 Get a new experience and enjoy more

The alarm clock starts, we get up and go through our daily routines and return home to finish our day. Guidelines are effective but we can let go of our lifestyle. Boring! The truth is, it's easy to do the same thing old. It can even make us safe (good). Why not challenge us to try new things? Because we will meet new people, learn new things, have more fun and grow as an individual. Heck, we might even be rewarded with new opportunities that can lead to a higher return on career.

# 10 Achieve Happiness and Peace

Happiness and peace are usually the end result of effective challenges, but they can be challenges on their own. Why not challenge yourself to be happier and find more peace? This will help you better understand exactly what you need to achieve these two valuable life goals.

Follow these 10 types of challenges regularly and you'll be on the road to a better quality of life.


Do as you please – not as you should

"Your trouble and me is that we are trying to behave just as one should cost off, with our own consent, our individualism. What we do is what we really want to do, in addition to annoying status quo becomes more appealing to us what we believe or say we want. "(Moshe Feldenkrais, Elusive Obvious, p. Xii, 1981)

So Moshe Feldenkrais advises you to stop trying to act correctly and understand instead how you do something. Unless you know how to do something, you have no choice because there is no choice. That way, you are simply doing trauma and this lacks individualism and approval. However, if you learn how to do something, you will be able to make choices and choices. And you release your coercion and position quota. You must ignore your personality and be able to do so accordingly. If you are simply trying to act correctly or as you should, you will lose the connection yourself, your desires and your dreams. So, Feldenkrais advises, do as you please, not as you should.


Choose one action next week and decide to do it as you please, not as you should. For example, don't go to a party you really don't want to go into. Don't go to the gym because you should. Notice how you chose what to do – any event or obligation to participate. Choose another action (something you want to do) and see how you do it. How did you choose? What did you think in your body to make a choice about doing something you want and vice versa? When did you do the action, how did you do it?


Gaining Confidence – How to Stop Thinking as a Victim

When it comes to gaining self-confidence, it can be difficult to avoid and easy to lose if it is not nutritious and is constantly working. Confidence is important when it comes to feeling like you are responsible for your own life and with confidence, you will feel more like a winner rather than a victim in life.

The attitude of the victim is the person who does not personally take responsibility for their life and believes that the world is against them or that they need to happily succeed in life. But a confident person understands that they are in charge and that if they are attaining any goal in life then they can work through what obstacles can prevent. And they learn to either find a way or make a way.

To avoid thinking like a victim and helping you control, rather than external forces and avoid being overwhelmed when it comes to achieving life goals or taking on tasks that seem insurmountable, start with Break down the steps you need to take to succeed.

By breaking down the step into smaller objects wherever it's a daily or monthly goal, start working on one task at a time until it's finished and then start another one. By breaking down large projects or complex ones, you begin to gain greater confidence as it will grow with all effective results and you begin to feel that you have the upper hand instead of feeling like the victim, overwhelmed and defeated.

To avoid feeling like a victim in life and gaining more confidence every day, you must learn to adapt and expect surprises in life. Being self-organized and practicing good time management when it comes to completing tasks or getting rid of unnecessary problems and time-consuming activities in your life will help you learn to adapt and gain confidence that you need to be the winner of life.

Time spending activities include being away from negative thinking people who will try to tell you that you can't do anything or that the system is rigged. People who buy into philosophy end their lives and they love nothing more than pulling you down to their place.

It is not for you, by learning to think yourself and being satisfied with the negative effects, allowing you to build your confidence by allowing yourself with appropriate actions to prove that you can succeed and become more than you have thought possible.

So to prevent thinking like a victim in life, be active, learn to take your dreams, take personal initiative to find ways to succeed and manage your life with the desire to become unstoppable and champion .


The Mistake Smart People Make

Never a mistake business for success. Movement will not at all lead to consequences. The action will. When you are running, you plan and plan and study. They are all good things, but they do not produce consequences except when you do.

It is a common mistake that regularly comes for smart people. In many cases, exclude them without realizing it. The mistakes have something to do with the distinction of being in action and taking action. They sound similar, but they are not the same.

When you are running, you plan and plan and study. They are all precise things, but they do not produce any consequences. Sometimes exercise is useful, but it will not lead to consequences. Action, however, is a type of behavior that will lead to a conclusion.

If motion does not lead to success, why do we do it? Sometimes we do it because we really need to design or learn more. But more often than not, we do it because the movements allow us to experience as we do development by strolling the risk of failure. Most of us are experts in preventing criticism. It doesn't make sense to fail or judge publicly, so we have a tendency to stay away from situations where it might happen. And this is the main purpose of moving instead of taking action: we prefer to prolong failure.

It's easy to keep going and convince us we're making progress. Movement makes us feel like we have to do it. But in fact we are simply ready to do something. When training is in the form of a postponement, we need to do business with something. We choose not only to organize. We choose to practice what we do and the program and do it by taking action.

We need to set a timetable for our actions. For ongoing goals and lifestyle changes, I believe this is the best approach. Add a program for your actions and keep it up to date. Select a date to change your motion action. For bigger initiatives or simple goals, force yourself out of action and in action by setting a difficult deadline. For example, you want to be a writer. Write and publish articles to make it happen. Don't just dream it. Realize it by taking exercise. If you want to study in and out of the country, explore the unknown and be fearless about what the future holds. What matters is that you have tried no matter what happens but not to try at all.


The importance of self-knowledge

What is self-knowledge?

Self-knowledge is knowing you closely. It involves knowing your thoughts and feelings, how they came, and how they affect your behavior. It's about understanding your needs, wishes, reasons, opinions, beliefs, and values. In short, it's about knowing how you mean and what makes you mark.

Self-knowledge tools are quotations, looks within what focuses our attention on our thoughts, how they come up, and disappear. This is best done in a quiet environment where you have time to look at and analyze your own thoughts. A busy life does not preclude this possibility of self-reflection or self-reflection, but it makes it unlikely that you do so. Furthermore, it is difficult to watch a busy mind that drives and jumps everywhere like a monkey in a cage.

Why is self-awareness important?

Authorship is important because it helps you understand better. With better self-esteem, you are able to control your own life. You can then make life for you rather than life for you.

It also helps you find an answer to an intuitive and spiritual question – "Who am I?"

With self-knowledge, we are in a better position to understand the outer physical universe as well as the inner philosophical world within us and to see how our mind becomes a link for both experiences. We now know that the meaning we put on the "reality" of life affects the quality of our human experience more than the "reality" itself. Thus, we can change the quality of our lives simply by changing the way we think and view the world around us. We can become happier simply by changing ourselves without changing the world. Paradoxically, as we change ourselves, the world around us also changes, as it is itself.

We live in a participation world where our thoughts and beliefs are very real "things" that affect the world around us. It is as if the material of our inner mind is reflected in the physical world. This is how we create our own destiny. This is the understanding that will stop us from becoming a victim of circumstances, and instead become the master of our own destiny. This is a mystery in the ancient teachings of Hermes, in one of his seven spiritual laws. This spiritual principle, called protocols, says "as above, so below."

This is a key factor in self-understanding, knowing that we live our own lives and that we are fully and completely responsible for what we live – consciously and unconsciously. It is extremely important to realize that what we create we can reproduce, so we are never a victim of a situation. It is always in our power to change our lives.

Self-knowledge enables us to know our mistakes in thought and correct it. That is to say that a better and sufficient life – physically, emotionally, spiritually, and spiritually.