Why can self-help help you succeed

What is true success?

When I talk to students or entrepreneurs worldwide, they all have one thing in common, their desire to succeed. Today, more and more people are acknowledging that money is not the only measure of success, which covers their definition of success in their career, sports, health, contribution, parenting, relationships, but even this is not true. To understand the term & # 39; true success & # 39; You need to look beyond this life's development to succeed, no matter who you are. The only success you need is to learn about yourself and your own mind and feelings.

Self-Management and True Success

In order to balance many different aspects of our lives that lead to true success and acknowledge one's strengths and weaknesses, good and not good self-mastery, which controls one's own feelings and desires, strengthens It is important to give us a great deal of clarity as a tool for contacting many aspects of our lives. In fact, you are always in control of his feelings, it's about others that make you feel as much as you allow yourself to find a way. Having more control over one's own feelings and desires is at the heart of achieving harmony in many laws of life and the essence of self-control.

Importance of self-awareness

"The first thing you need to know is yourself. A person who knows himself can step out for himself and watch his own reaction as an observer." These are written words of Father Modern Economics, Adam Smith, who introduced the importance of knowing yourself.

Although the whole way is different and unique, we are all a common starting point for us to discover true success, self-management, with self-awareness. Self-awareness can be achieved by gaining insight through the use of tools such as personality testing or inducing deeper spiritual habits. Today, science is self-awareness and self-control as important as it has been through the ages. When you look at the essence of the spiritual habits of the East, you begin to recognize how these themes are both basic and fundamental. While yoga is translated as "union" & # 39; Yoga's ultimate goal is self-control, but to realize self-control, wisdom tells us that we are first self-conscious. & # 39; know you & # 39; is the ability to view and gain clarity about everything you are, your strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, and your behavioral patterns. True success does not begin to compare with anyone but with oneself while being better than you were the day before on one side of life at a time.

The result is to be voluntary, it is necessary to achieve good results in the work of your own mind. When one is voluntary and in control of one's thoughts and feelings, he has the power to create overall success in life and not only in one or two aspects, so that he can provide him with content and happiness in the purest form.


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