Topography of Self Growth

One of the greatest frameworks for understanding the path to increased personal development and achieving greater consciousness is the analogy of geography as your growth card. Topography is a surface shape study and is most easily described as a brown, curved pattern on a map that represents an elevation. While one likes to think that personal growth follows a simple formula of continually improving yourself, you cannot achieve the best results you can by following this approach.

To gain a better understanding of my point, you also need to apply a fundamental understanding of local and international difficulties. This mathematical thought explains that if your current location is in a process (equivalent to a grade of one) then you can go up or down either forever or in local maximum or minimum. A international endpoint is found when you have several equations in the same graph and calculate or observe the most extreme point there.

Now that we combine these two concepts together, we will begin to gain insight into how much personal growth coverage is. Imagine your current "size" or growth is on a geographical map. Depending on the level you are currently on, you can see downs and downs of different sizes below and above you. Perhaps all you can see is a swamp that swallows you like quicksand and your perception of better places is obstructed by fog. Or maybe you only see a snow-covered mountain top where the clouds are a barrier that tells you that you can't stumble and fall from your current maximum activity.

Aiming for this perception of growth potential is that you see only up or down the roads you are currently standing on. You see no other ways. The thing is that there are lots of ways that lead to different local maximum points and the one you are currently in is very illegal to be the ideal one – because it is an unimaginable amount of them and they increase in numbers all the time like humanity itself progress. Being open is your best bet to literally increase your horizons.

The issue of your current path that can hold you fast is the comfort of knowing how to do and working in it just to get through daily. And even though you might have pushed it best, you can be in that line of development, knowing that you have now reached the peak of personal development and nothing is left to do. You've found yourself at a local maximum that can't see the mountains next to you.

In order to start climbing one of the mountains next to you that will enrich your life with even better landscapes, you need to recognize at least the following steps. First, the current size or point of development defined by a growing individual is the sum of all the different factors of personal development – health, wealth, relationships, environment, security, happiness, management, value, etc. The list goes on. Therefore, first think of yourself as a card reader and think of the sum of all these growth areas as your ability to see where you are and what you can achieve.

Second, choose the area of ​​your life that is in the worst form, the one who is currently sitting on anthill wanting to make a difference. This is your main concern for concern, as at the moment. Why? Because it's completely different about you and allows you to further enhance your high-quality viewing of your personal development card.

Third, it is a matter of leaving your old beliefs to accept, attract, and allow new faith in their place. This is the method of descending from your anthill first to begin walking up to that larger mountain. It is an awesome thought even under what you have had before, which allows you to enjoy comfortable sunshine, sometimes but it needs to be done.

To give this vision a better view, I will give you an example. For example, walking in the current development field can eat the same food as usual, but try to maximize how much you eat and when you eat. You can get the best results that way, but it's just like the height you're on. A new mountain is changing your diet completely and the different mountains around you are simply different diets. Another example is how you make money. Working nine to five jobs in the same industry and work can only get you so far and so far. Quitting your job to do something that is much more profitable is again a question of leaving your past to start pushing up your untouched mountain. Only by joining this route can you begin to expand and draw new areas of your geographic map of personal development.

Fourth, you need to do as many areas of your existence or area of ​​personal development as you can. Each side of growth is interconnected with others. Eat healthily and it is easier to exercise more. Exercise more and you feel spiritually empowered. Use your brains and different intuition to generate more revenue. Be richer and you have more time to do what you love to do. Do more of what you love to do and you will be happier. Be happier and your relationships improve. And so on.

This is my way of using geography and some concepts in math to get a better understanding and perspective on how best to pursue personal growth. Remember, you can't do more or do better than you can identify within a level of understanding as much as possible. The issue of personal development area is that there is really no international maximum level to be found. Local hills are traps that give you a sense of comfort, well-being, false pride and feelings of success that keep you firm. Remember to constantly see where you are and take some bold steps in the unknown so you can increase your radius of perception. If something new you try is still smaller anthill, then you can always return to your current level of maturity, no matter how small or large it is. We all have our own points from where to start our tours.


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