The power of focus – You do what you think most about

Have you ever bought a new car, and then suddenly did not follow exactly the same type of car everywhere? Did everyone buy the same kinds at the same time? No, of course not, it's just that you didn't notice these cars until they were important to you. This event is caused by a portion of the brain called Reticular Activation Systems or RAS shortly. Your eyes (and other senses) all take up millions of pictures, hundreds of sounds, but your brain doesn't have the ability to work out everything (especially in a conscious stage). So your RAS acts like a filter in your conscious mind. RAS works every sensory value and request, "Is this important to me?" If the answer is "Yes" then the input is processed and put into use for use. How to determine what is significant? That's what we emphasize. This focus is POWER. This power can be used to ensure your success or be used to show you the way to complete failure.

Let's try to show you how well our focus works. Now, look around and focus on everything that is brown. If you are in your dice, stand up and look at everything you can see that is brown. Notice what people have brown, what is brown on the walls. Download this article, look around now, I'm watching you.

All right, sign out everything you saw that was green. Did you close, didn't I? Your RAS was set to burn, and although your eyes also saw everything that was green, having trouble remembering because the green things were not important to you at that moment. Let me ask you another question. Are you spending your days focusing on brown in life (shit) or green (good stuff)?

Emphasis is placed on the goal to work completely. When you set goals, your brain begins to notice everything in life that will take you closer to that goal, because this is now important to you. Think about it; say you have the goal of having an expedition. You go to work and an employee you don't know pulls up next to you in a new expedition. Do you want to treat him differently than usual? You weather. You must talk to him, introduce yourself, ask him about a new car, etc. Now will this action take you closer to your goal? Absolutely! Your focus controls your action. Emphasis is on power!

Does emphasis affect how you feel? Yep. Let try another experiment. Do not worry; I will not try to deceive you this time. I want you to focus on your thoughts when you felt very depressed. Go back to and think about what was happening. Most of us are very good at this. All we have to do is focus on the event and think about how we felt about it and "boom" we are back in depression.

Now that I've got you (or you've got yourself) is totally depressed. Let it click on it. Now I want you to take a moment to focus on time when you felt completely happy. Think about what was happening around you, think about what made you feel good. Put a big smile on your face and enjoy it again. Has the focus changed you how you feel? Yes! Did you notice something else? Did the body change too? Yes! That's because there are three things you do to make all your feelings:

1. Your Physiology – How to Use Your Body

2. Your language – what do you say to yourself

3. Focus / Your Faith – What Does It Mean to You

I describe a few things in happiness and depression and you see if it matches your experiment.

Happiness – Eyes up, Shoulder back, Deep breath, Smile, Fast movement, Head up

Depression – Eyes down, Shoulder forward, Rough breathing, Frown, Slow Movement, Head down

Well, am I close? And it works in both ways. You can just use your physiology to change your feelings too. Put a lot of "cat eating canary" fun on your face and try to get depressed. You can't. 80 muscles in your face know you're smiling and they send signals straight to your brain and tell you you're happy!

What's great about this? You can use this to change your emotional state for a moment. Remember, there is nothing abnormal in people, only a dominant state. Your focus governs your emotions, your feelings control your decisions, your decisions control your actions, and your actions control your success. So if you want outstanding results, you need to be in excellent condition. You know the situation I'm talking about. You've been in it before. It's a state of proud, unstoppable certainty, a "genius" state. And you can put yourself in that state at any time by using physiology, language and your focus. Post new statements! Make your goals! Win the game!


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