The new history museum is the cross-speed of entertainment

Prepare yourself for reading experience like no one before – an experience that will actually leave you wondering: "What the hell was that?"

In the new collection, called the title, what was it hell? Author Jeffrey Friedberg does not hold back. We have presented the story in the future as the inability of senior citizens to control a growing flower emerging from the sink of his drain with public recognition of detergents could lead to his arrest; We have the story of an insane writer, Burke Hare, who lives in his own imaginary world, but in the real world, this eccentric millionaire also wants a body, double and oddly enough, to hire a sexy kick-girl for the role. And it's just the beginning of the murder and ruin to jump over almost every page, along with the obsession of sex – often with a comic spin – and best of all, almost every page has a laughing festival sentence – which can make this book all scarier.

When you come to an extraterrestrial who has the human body, then you ask yourself how some author can be so funny, so greedy and yet so insightful of his own time and probably his social problems? "Who is this guy?" you ask. Shame on you. Jeffrey Friedberg shouldn't have any promotions on fans of humorous, fast-paced thrillers and sci-fi. He is best known as the author of Detective Jack Vane, who has magical readers with incredibly complex situations that he has experienced over the years in such novels such as Red, White and Dead; Red, white and dead again; and kill the media. Jack would feel comfortable in Burke Hare's world in the museum's title. There's also a story of politics and hobbies – right in the Jack Vane mafia friends vein.

But what was it hell? also breaks new ground with future novel stories and space, and possibly most of the epic novel "Keepin" Alive, which encourages millennia of human history from the Ice Age and the first vegetarian to ancient Persia, where we meet "studded Babylon" and his good guy and the future where the ancient witch has a showdown with a motivating puppy to save the planet and we end up with a familiar face on the familiar beach again: "What the hell was that?" you will find yourself asking.

That's really impossible to describe that Friedberg writes so here are a few paragraphs as a sample-one of the title history I used about the eccentric, I forgot to mention that he was also a writer. He thought well:

"One day Hare that he had connected the changes to his inner self when

"" Pressure, pressure … too much Divine Social Pressure, Jeffrey, & # 39; he told Dahmer.

"Jeffrey laughed.

" They had each other served by a remarkable, slow, boiled grater, with peppered kraut.

"Good time, he liked thinking.

Of course, we all know Jeffrey Dahmer and the crime he has committed is not funny. But Friedberg likes to shock his readers so absurds seem humorous, making us ask deeper questions about political legitimacy, the role of government and religion in our lives and how the media are used to influence us There is no social organization or public personality too big or too sacred to get a gibe from the pen, and fearless, flawless arrival time, will only leave you and ask, "When hell does Friedberg next book come out?"


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