Syria and September 2013 Staff Guidance and Horoscopes

Psychological Insights in September / Fall 2013

Psychological Graphics: Psychological graphs about Syria do not appear in this article, but their message is that the world's actions and eyes are trained in Syria, behind the scenes, is building and cementing some of the Alliance's major international trade (which excludes the United States)

Another psychological icon shows anger and a fierce decision to be in control, which has aroused in people trying to continue to cause. The squiggles above represent much less organized thread of humanity, freedom, dreams and innovation as creative people are texting.

Prediction for the last month, September could be the first part of the flames before the storm was named in the August newsletter and described here: "The hidden effect is coming around the corner: people cannot see the changes ahead and There are no clear signs yet, but bold action will be taken out. In the world, there seems to be a big trouble in October – November linked to a war that is lubricating in August, a lot of people are losing their lives

About Predictions: At that time, I saw a connection between the simmering war of August and the October-November two events were closely linked. It can change as it is a likely consequence, a direction that can be reversed by people who are in power or reduce circumstances. However, Syria showed up in my message directory, which pointed to mega-tragedy as far back as December 2005. This is from the January 2006 report:

"Here are two messages from countries, like the spirits of the people. a country that does not know itself, but said, "Below are mighty jets, above us, scimitar – saints war rage to the end." Looking at the map in the Middle East might be Syria maybe it's just the east coast

Personnel Guidelines: Life's pressures and challenges make a lot of fun than September. The month can also start in some kind of obsession or stupor. First meet yourself: Pay attention to what stops you and organizes you before doing any new action.

The password in September is "preparation" . Being prepared can be disastrous, you can rush your head to blow it, be patient and wise with whatever you are trying to achieve.

Everything on board! Many people are finally leaving something new. Recent research and discoveries show what makes you happy. This temporary fall is supposed to shake things up, replace parts and renew your jaded sensations.

The August Museum in September took me to the death house surrounded by mountains. Off to the left was Arroyo and I started choosing his way through the steep walls. For some time I had no view of anything but walls. The spirits began to talk about how important it was to have a dream, especially when there were no opinions. The message was that one had to take the first steps and retrieve an inner vision and not an outer sign.

Then I was shown a revolution. At some point, the sun in the functional maiden gives a view of where you are heading. Our imaginations are smart in Virgo and come up with implementation plans. In September, some of the best programs can ever come! When the sun is in the maiden, we can handle the information and adjust the steps to make our dreams come true. A fair revolution is Harvest Moon on the 19th and after. Resentment Causes Joy!

Tips for personal and professional success in September

1. Be open and welcome. Opportunity has millions disguised in September.

2. Amass Less: Learn more, less items on the list "to do", less responsibility you don't care about and less boxes of stuff.

3. Be less aware of the limits, and who is right and who is wrong. The planets of Saturn and Venus are symbols of this month that indicate unity and harmony should be our top priority, not to take up borders, or to count who did what we already do.

4. The fastest way to succeed is to make sure love is concerned, ie. you love the project, you love the people – you love love in what you are trying to do.

5. Change the relationship with common sense. You may notice continuing to push your head into the same wall and try to move forward. Let the prolonged opposition fall down. How to do it will be notified to you if you ask. (It's a good question for your intuition! Try out tutorials on my website!)

6. The goal first seems to be closer than they really are. The bright road up ahead takes some of the maneuvering to get to. Take the time and build strength, as you build your own strength.

7. Make your home comfortable! Eliminate, fresh and brighter! Change the list of walls or color schemes in your office.

Expensive Month: Beaver. (I just watched one today, he was very busy!) Beaver keeps an eye on the prize. He is going back and forth as fast as he can to build the dam and see his mission through. He does not allow barking dogs to distract him when he assesses the threat. It doesn't matter who or what is hiding at you, in September being like a beaver and being successful, not emotionally driven. Just plow through the mess and do what you want to do.

September / Autumn 2013 Spiritual Guidance on Astrology Signs

Read the Sun, Moon and Rising Symbols

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, Fire Sign: If in doubt, a fire may wonder if they are credible and how bright their fire is. is really. (Be Sure!) September / Fall: Be ready to work hard because you will get what you want; you might be surprised to do better than ever. You must be on the ground, responsible and mature; then everything works. (Conversation with Spirit: Fire Sign: "I'm angry with all those who have wronged me!" Spirit: "What's so special about it?" "Fire signs," But they became me, me! "Spirit:" You! You! … is the father of the sun. Be careful and not kidding. ")

Cancer, Crust and Fish, Watermark: You can feel separate in some way and look for help to get back to swimming Your properties are sharp even though you have to keep up with it and it's easy to work on. First you feel like everything has been solved in your life, it turns out that there are still questions about where you are going and the revelation you are not completing, that you are still traveling and studying where you belong and what you belong to, that is what makes life interesting! It is always moving and changing.

Gemini , Scales, Aquarius, Helicopter: You can have trouble Adapting to the fact that things change and that you have E to adapt, it's a challenging time, but you'll be fine and the unknown is useful. An indecision on what to do is more confident. It can lead to removing the disability from believing in yourself, and eventually choosing to go to a higher place in your life when you have decided that you need what it takes.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth Sign: You get well with very big changes in your life; you have to get used to what you put in place. There is the relationship between this fall and next April, where bold moves you now make create satisfaction and happiness next spring. Earth tag & # 39; "I want to know, should I be or should I go?" Should I continue, should I do the work? Is there something I need to weed? Let me know about the first snow where to go: I've had a discussion. "


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