Main reasons why you should use your brain

Did you learn how to remember information? Certainly not. Why should you? We have computers, paper, recorders etc. It just doesn't seem to be a good reason why you should remember it. To my knowledge, more and more people are teaching not to remember, but to find information. This is good … only, people end this, and not remember the basics. I'm surprised when I see people on TV who don't seem to be able to answer questions like:

  • What is the capital of Germany;
  • Where was the first atomic bomb released;
  • Who killed JF Kennedy (OK, thoughts differ on this).

We have to forget that we have an amazing tool at our disposal, but we know and understand less about each generation. Yes, I'm talking about the brain.

In my courses, I teach people how to use their brains more effectively. It's amazing how many people think they don't remember information. Most people don't seem to be disappointed with this. I had only 2 people in one year who took action for the training and learned how to improve their memory and brain skills.

It's only when people understand a little more about the brain that they get more confidence in using it. And as you can or may not know … you can increase your brain very easily, using methods that are sometimes thousands of years (and still effective). Here are two very important reasons why you should really use your brain more often.

1. Use it or lose it

Now, most people understand that you need to use your brain to prevent it from getting worse. The majority of these people know this but do not happen to … So if there is one thing you get from this message: Use your brain! It has been said that when you train your brain, you can reduce your Alzheimer's disease. My student told me this is not true. Studies show that you cannot stop Alzheimer's by using your brain, but its effects can be slowed down.

Just think of the brain as this is muscle. The more you use it, the more it can do and the more it is. Do you want insufficient muscle energy? Certainly not!

It's a quick fix

Fortunately, you can remember information much faster than you do now. I've seen many who didn't believe their brain was able to remember more information. It turned out that they were wrong. After a 30-minute training, they were (and I quote) "quite surprised by the reform".

When you decide that you will not train your brain, you will see that your mind will have more and more problems remembering important information. You have to teach this at your age (of course) or you say this was not important enough to remember. Yet … age should not be a problem. Everyone can train their brains and see great improvements. You benefit every day when you invest a few minutes to improve your brain.

2. Your brain can do more than you pay for it

Some say that this century is about exploring the universe, going to the moon and Mars, and living there. Others believe that we should improve our understanding of the most complex machines known to mankind: our brains. I think we can do both … we must do both! Understanding what happens out there will help us understand better and vice versa.

One of the most important areas of the brain that we should explore is the subconscious. There is so much untapped power available in this part of our mind (it's part of the brain usually ???)! We can take a huge leap in using and understanding the brain. My subconscious is helping me move faster every day. For example: My consciousness brain gives me answers and clues to questions and tasks I'm working on. This is because I learned how to focus on and use my subconscious mind.

When I talk to people, they often can't believe this is true. You can't control your subconscious! It's true, but you can use your subconscious mind in your mind. This & # 39; I-can & # 39; t & # 39; Attitudes also apply to reading speed. Most people cannot understand that you can read faster than you can read aloud in your mind. After all, you need to read every word to understand what you read.

Medical professional Hal Wechsler, former business partner of Evelyn Wood (fast reading expert) knows this and much more about reading than I do. He knows his mind can go through the subject at very high speed. The information is probably not only stored in the concept of consciousness.

Most people find it very difficult to have faith in their minds / brains. After all, you need to be in "control" and "# 39; all the time. (As you are in charge all the time …) Leave your brain capable of doing so much more than you pay it for now.

How to use this now

This is what you must do when you want to use your brain effectively:

Feed your brain with the right message

You're probably not aware of the message you and others put in the brain Most of the messages are negative: I cannot do that … You do not understand … etc .. This does not only change as you think, but also how you perceive the world. to use incorrect words when "administrator & # 39; their brain. They say things like: I'm looking for XYZ. It's not a smart way to do things!

You shouldn't look for someone. Think of the brain as being dumb & # 39; muscle. It only does what you say it does. When you say that looking for something, your brain thinks this is a game and starts looking. What it won't do is find what you're looking for !!!


Give your brain the right guidance. Start doing it today. Do it now.


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