Instant NLP help for slow reading

The student said:

"I am the first university student and I often struggle with slow reading. I started reading when I was 4 and always loved it. I read very slowly but I understand everything I read. going through middle school I began to figure out how my brain loved the part, date or number I stand by. When I start to remember the case, it is a colorful, not a real word. Now I'm in college and my professors are a little sympathetic to slow reading. I do what I'm after. I want to know if something is wrong with me or if it's just what I learn best. Is something I can do to transform things faster or someone the way to make synapses more effective? "

And I advise her:

What can you do to convert things faster? You must use visualization to see words as images = instead of or or .

Begin to see shapes as you normally do. This is familiar and you are good at it.

Now, start teaching yourself to see the words of the words = what they look like when writing.

To do this, you have to watch a lot and carefully. Check which letters and words look. Start with simple 3-digit words such as cat, dog, fox, bed, pen, etc. Write each word on a special A4 mixed paper, place the paper in front of your face on or just above the eye height, and look at the written word for 15 seconds. Then close your eyes. Do you see the word? Or has it quickly pumped? Or do you see something else? If you see the word, how do you see it? Are the books big enough to see them comfortably but not so big that you don't all see it? Are they in the background of contrast color? Are they essential or lower case? And if you tried to see the letters in other cases, would it be less or comfortable? Try this.

Can you spell the words forward and return while you see it? If you can, see the word, which is important!

Is something something really wrong with you? Yes! You've developed the wrong habit to visualize seeing words. To see the words you need to see words . Seeing shapes or colors is the wrong tool for this job. This is the only thing wrong with you. Absolutely nothing else. And you can change how the brain works! Being present and very conscientious about working with yourself is the only way forward. When you begin to see words such as words instead of colors or shapes, your reading speed will improve rapidly! Fast readers recognize all words as barriers to their brains, not letters by letter. Slow readers read slowly, because if they can see a letter they usually look at those letters with a letter. You need to see a whole word and when you do well with exercises, your brain will automatically send them back.

great memory is another great asset you can use here. Photo memory is the best type of memory you can have – especially to see words! So when you write a word on blank A4 paper, take it at your eye level, look at it, take a picture of that word in your imagination. Teach you to see the word as if it were a picture in your head. When you see the word as a picture, you see it as a block I mentioned above.

Practice. All these exercises here are only done until you see the words that blocks you automatically. When that happens, you'll have to read so fast anyway that you won't have time for all this. This will start you on the right path – teach your brain a new way of thinking.

And remember these tips:

Always keep any page you read in front of your face or just above the eye level. That's where your perspective is. Never keep your reading in your arms so you have to look down to read it! Never! Because you are in your feelings that are the wrong tool for visual work that is reading!

Whenever you read, sit with two feet firmly on the ground. This will give you the ground and increase the sense of calm, safety and security.

When you read it, do your best to subvocalize, ie. Don't judge the words in your head. This would also slow you down. If you don't, great. If you do so, you gradually learn not to do so.


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