How to successfully enlarge your pen and risk-free

Have you ever wondered how to enlarge your penis? if so then don't worry because it's not the only one. Many men are worried about the size of the penis and wish it was bigger. For many people who have to deal with walking into the dressing rooms, something is both shameful and worrisome.

Having little humanity can significantly affect human trust in life, especially when it comes to dating and tearing women. So the question is, can you increase the size of your penis if you are dissatisfied with the current measurement?


There are two types of surgery available for criminal enhancement. The first type improves length by cutting the ligaments into the penis before stretching and reinserting. The results of this are usually about one inch in size, as most are left unhappy with the results achieved.

Another type of action to increase the penis is to add width (circumference). This is done by removing fat from anywhere on the body and injecting it into the penis sometimes instead of using the liposome. Increase of approx. one and a half inches is usually obtained from this type of operation.

Both types, while having the advantage of being virtually fast, have both defects such as: The risk of infection, pain, malaise and possible violence.


For those who want to know how to increase your punishment, you've probably already come across this. When I was looking for information on how to make the penis bigger, the transformation tables were the first method I tried, much to my disappointment. I soon found that the promise of quick and high-sized profits was empty, and the only increase I made was an increase in toilet visits and headaches.

The number of websites out there that sells this is outrageous and if you only take one tip from this article, please don't be wasting your money on this trash.

Gadgets and gizmos.

The most popular gadgets out there to increase punishment are penis pumps and those small plots. Pumps work only temporarily by filling the tube with a vacuum that reduces the amount of blood in the penis.

The weight available to make the penis larger is mostly just for fun and is usually found in fun and novice gift shops. These consist of low weight, either balanced or tied around the human race, which you then use to lift your penis muscle.

Conclusion The three methods mentioned above are in my opinion not the way to go about things if you want to increase the size of the penis. The method I would recommend if you want to know how to enlarge your penis is by natural methods. With proper exercises and ten minutes each day to spare, it is easy to quickly add length or width (or both) to the penis. What more natural methods have been shown to add up to four inches in length and nearly two inches in width.


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