How to get in touch with your true needs and wishes with meditation

Together we support the story of our life from every sudden thought and feeling. However, we spend most of our lives immersed in past memories and future corners. We don't spend nearly enough time at the moment. This is a very sad and real shame because the present moment is all we have.

Meditation is an effective job we can use to restore our minds to the moment, to focus on who we are as an individual and to determine our true needs and desires.

Finding the True Self

We generally define ourselves by the role we serve in life. For example, we are children, sons, mothers, dads, sisters, or friends. Many also define themselves as their job title.

Is this really what we're really inside? Yes and no. These roles are part of who we are, but many deeper laws are on our true inner self and unfortunately, the majority of the world's population will never contact who they really are.

It is said that Socrates has said, "Unseen life is not worth living", which touches on these sorrows of mankind. Most of us spend our lives running from one role to another, suffering from pain and distress when we leap from one unsatisfactory relationship with the other, not understand why we behave in certain ways, let our lives pass us without actually experiencing it and Don't be aware of our true needs and desires.

Time will come when the roles we know as our true perfect self no longer bring pleasure to us. Because we have firmly committed our self-image to these roles, even based on our self-esteem on them, we will experience a deep sense of desolation and loss when the fulfillment disappears.

Meditation is the Answer

Congratulations on the fact that we can avoid these feelings of desolation by maintaining an unbreakable balance with our true self through meditation. By making time to eliminate heavier stress, tension, and confusion that plagues us and by achieving peace and quiet, we can connect with who we really are and gain more awareness.

Meditation is a tool that allows us to find our true identity in our own being, so that our identity is not based on any role but on our own terms. To this end, we understand that our thoughts and feelings do not create our being. Rather, we are the ones over those thoughts; We are the ones who think about them.

When we understand this, we find that many options are within easy reach. We came to find our true self. Meditation leads to this enlightenment, enlightenment that provides peace, understanding, and joy in our soul.

Exiting the mind brings the enlightenment, and thus the deeply sown pleasure, to just being. In addition, we find peace in life with a soothing mind achieved through meditation.

When we are in touch with our true and inner self, we can thank the present moment when we really feel our real feelings.

Health and Meditation

The health benefits of meditation are high.

  • Lower frequency of depression and anxiety Lower blood pressure and hypertension
  • Cardiovascular and lower cholesterol levels
  • Stronger immunity
  • Increased emphasis, strength and memory
  • Decreased cortisol and adrenaline production, Both harmful stress hormones [19659016] Healthier Aging
  • Many believe that the greatest gift that is comforted by meditation is the feeling of calm and inner peace that it brings to us and which serves us in our daily lives. Permanent and meditative meditation allows us to push a loud and confusing world and focus only on ourselves.

    The Here And Now

    The first thing you need to remember about getting in touch with your needs and desires is that the time and energy that you spend dwelling on the past and the future is what causes a lot of stress that you find day by day.

    Each of us is a selection of nerves and stimulants that are set out by things that happen in our lives. These things are often just ebbs and the flow of daily life, but sometimes stress, discourgement and pressure can be absolute.

    As you focus more on the present moment, you get the skill of thinking your thoughts better to shake your daily effort. You will also find immunity fulfillment, as you perceive life as real self and make choices based on your true self.

    Meditation Work

    Meditation develops a static. It includes a soothing body and mind; in fact, stop thinking. This is not as easy as it sounds.

    People often complain that they fall asleep while trying to meditate, that they are not making progress or that they do not understand how to stop their thoughts in their minds. That is why instructors are so important, especially for beginners.

    Teachers teach us not only how to properly carry out meditation, but they can also provide counsel based on our individual struggles. The best way to find teaching is to sign up for local, guided tours. If this is too expensive or not available in your area, you can also find online courses that are either live or recorded. With registered lessons you will not receive customized tutorials, but you can always browse through an online forum to find information on questions and struggles.

    Those who take the time to meditate and do it regularly benefit from it by enjoying long-lasting health and enlightenment. They are in tune with themselves and their environment and their needs and wishes.

    Just remember that your health and well-being are important and when you are good your life is good and always take the time to take care of yourself and start a meditation program that will lead you to new levels of self-fulfillment.


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