How to Fix Your Cheesecake – A Troubleshooting Guide

Cheese cake should be reliable trouble free but sometimes problems arise. Over the years, we have been asked the following questions.

"What is the easiest way to make crumbs for my crust?"

Lots of people use a food processor; we did not interrupt. We use a lot of space with a zipper-plastic bag and crush biscuits or cookies with rollers a few at a time. We store the plastic bag for the next crust. If we are in a hurry, we just use packed Graham cracker crumbs rather than an absolute cookie.

"I have a bubble in my cheesecake.

Most likely, the muffins are made of balls of cheese in cream. Before adding any of the other ingredients, beat the cream cheese and crumbled sugar until it is completely blended. In the heat in the oven, the sugar will melt rather break up a few pieces.

If your recipe calls for chocolate, either white or dark, the lumps may be chocolate. To avoid this, make sure your melted chocolate is hot, well above the melting point, hotter, it will spread before it is set up.

"I bake my cheesecake for the time specified is in the recipe and the middle is still soft. What am I doing wrong? "

You definitely do nothing wrong. Baking times in recipes are always estimated and can affect the temperature of your oven (calibrated temperature is rarely correct), the depth of the blade, whether the pan is light or dark (dark pans back faster), how much Your cold batter is and other factors. Don't worry about time and just bake it until it's done. (See next question.)

"How can I tell when my cheesecake is done? "

There are three ways: You can completely shake the cheesecake. If only the center is still jiggly, then it is done. This is not very accurate but with practice, you can achieve good results with this method.

The most common way is holding a knife in the battery about one inch from the center, if it is finished it will come out clean.

A precise way to say when a cheesecake is made with an insta-reading thermometer. cheesecake is made when the internal temperature reaches 170 degrees.This is when the proteins in the eggs solidify

"How do I stop my cheesecake from cracks?" Crack does not affect the taste Many cheesecakes are topped and the top covers some cracks.

There may be a number of reasons for cracks:

– Too much air in the filling can cause cracks
– Too much baking will overfill the filling and is a common cause of cracking.
– Bumpy baking can be a cause. If you use the photometer, reflective pans, consider switching to a heavier case, dark pans.
– Too high a temperature can cause cracks. Consider baking at 325 degrees instead of 350 degrees.
– It is the chocolate that cools too quickly, it can cause cracks. Do not let cheesecake cool in drafts.

Starch cheesecakes in filling are not more likely to crack.

"My contracts are crumble when I try to serve my cheesecake. What am I doing wrong?"

It is the butter that acts as a mortar that holds crumbs together. The butter needs to mix well with crumbs. There must be enough butter, at least four tablespoons per crust. The mixture must be compressed by pressure. We use a pastry or a lot of stuff to compress the bottom and push the side.

Always hurry and serve your cheesecake cold. Thus, the butter is solid. If the cheesecake gets too hot, the butter melts and the crust will crumble.

Background is not necessary but it tends to hold the crust together. The sugar melts in baking and tends to keep things in place when it cools and sets.

"I always seem to pick up my slices when I score my cheesecake.

Use the right knife, sharp, thin-bladed knife. Do not use a serrated knife where stuffing and crumbs tend to continue

Cut with pressure down, pull the knife as little as possible After each cut, wash and dry the knife so that you have a clean blade that slices through the cheesecake

"My slices seem to stand firm and hard to remove. Is An Easy Way To Remove My Slices Nicely? "

There is an easy way to get slices to slide into the pan station. Pour wet towel into a microwave oven. Put a towel on the table and place the cheesecake directly on a warm towel. After a few minutes, heat will soften the butter on the bottom and slices will easily slip

It helps to have a springform pan with a flat bottom.


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