How to challenge a song

Music … who can do it without it? It has been a big part of our lives. No day goes by without you hearing at least a sound that's consistent.

I've trained a lot of people in a musical way and when I find out about learning or lightening, I usually get the question of this, how do I score a song? & # 39;

Basically, adapting the song depends on many factors such as the speed of learning, the technical possibilities of the song, your voice dial, etc. You need to understand that scoring a song, regardless of the elements, requires time and effort. So, dealing with a song like the original or even better, you need to pay attention and more.

How to challenge a song

With the following suggestions here you can challenge a song with little or no effort.

1. Vita The Lyrics – You have to have the lyrics of the song you want to score well so you don't get to sing the wrong stuff or perfect your ignorance and stupidity. When you sing a song with the wrong text, it will be difficult for you to unlearn it.

2. Follow the voice of the signature – A song specifically made with choirs lets you hear many voices singing different things. You need to understand that in most choir arrangements, you would usually have the lead singer (it means everything ad libbing) and the other three choir parts – Soprano, Tenor, Alto. You must learn to listen to a particular voice signature and sing exactly what he / she is doing. The guiding light in the co-determination is usually unique and usually comes from other components.

3. Be Acting – You must learn to do exactly what the leading singer is doing … not be afraid to try different weights that he might run in the song. It's because you learn to sing. Music flows like a circuit … The channels and weights you learn from a song you have previously received can be used in some other songs you encounter.

I know these few tips will help you score just about any song, no matter what the technology is.

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