Golden Tips in pile speed or Sport stack

The following tips are based on intestine and video studies and comments from my students who enjoy the challenge of rapid stacking. Before you continue, I will, like you for the first time, be in one of the Speed ​​Packs and then see if there is anything that indicates you've read the following 4 golden tips.

Base – This game is about building a pyramid. Like all other types of high architecture construction, it is the Great Wall or the Egyptian pyramid, the foundation must be sturdy to withstand any minor impulses later. So build a solid foundation, making sure the cups touch and approach each other.

Gravity – As this name suggests, it is always easier to handle than against gravity. As such, it will be easier to stack than stack up. So remember to slide down lightly and not to force a cup. Always be gentle with your precious cups!

Hand – Clearly but not consciously by many, the main tools of this game are the hands, not the cups. Always start with your guide to select the top cup. Place your hand on the side and not over the tops of the cups.

Motion – The game is all about speed or timing. Proper technology needs to be cultivated to ensure that continuous exercise can be improved. Adopt a circular motion in place back and forth or up and down. Both hands must be used at the same time. Try to make this blindfolded and you must be surprised that you can also perform spelling.

Practice – Nobody can win a gold medal in the Olympics without training and gut exercises. The file is intended to be broken. You can be next if you continue to focus and continue exercising. Remember to have fun and sports, though. Cheers.


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