Closing methods – 5 Great NLP closing methods to close sales well

All dealers will tell you the same thing – the more and more diverse closing methods you use are more likely to close sales. If you use NLP technology to close the sale, the chances are that you will get even higher.

All you need to do is add the following NLP closing methods to your arsenal to close more sales.

1) Show the prospect that he will be one step further in front of the crowd / race.

This single NLP closure method is similar to a well-known close valve. However, it goes one step further. You have to show the customer that by buying and using your product, the difference is "facing the crowd" and being one step ahead of everyone else.

The lid is very simple. If you are selling new equipment to a manager, you can say to him: "As a good and innovative manager, you will surely get the most out of this product that will allow you to get one step ahead of the race."

2) Use traditional emotional valves by asking a question.

This is the only one NLP closure method that uses conventional valves as well as more efficient rotation. All you have to do is ask the look how he feels about the product.

Basically, instead of pace and lead with description descriptions, you need to use a question with custody. This may sound complicated if you don't know the NLP terms, but it's actually quite simple. Let me show you.

You simply have to ask your options, "How satisfied are you with this product?" You are assuming that the person is happy and he will give you a prejudice answer.

Then you just have to tell the upcoming, "Imagine how much happier you have to use this product every day after you buy it."

This only NLP shutdown method will work like magic because it has everything in it – the prime minister, emotional emotion and quantum (with this product every day), pointing to the benefits further.

3) Use intelligent terminals to get an agreement.

This is the second version of popular intelligence. The beauty of this NLP closing action is that customer prospects have no choice but to say yes. Let me show you how it works.

All you need to say is, "As an intelligent / successful / smart person, you will agree with me that by purchasing this product you will solve the problem and get the advantage you want."

The trick here is that the outlook will automatically accept the first part of the sentence (that it is intelligent and / or successful), so that it has no choice but to accept another part of the sentence as well.

4) Call the option to purchase using an obvious threat.

Indecisiveness is one of the biggest obstacles salesman faces. Anyone who wants to buy the product, but he is still wondering if he will get adequate benefits. This is where this so-called urgent nutrition comes in.

It has some negativity in it, but you can use it if all the positive closing methods you use fail.

The pattern you need is, "Don't wait to get / delay buying the product. Threat X is not waiting."

I will show the idea by way of example. Say you're selling a diet. You can say with the prospect: "Don't delay getting these tablets and slimming down." Obesity is not waiting. "

If you are selling a business product, you can say," Don't wait to get this commercial bank to increase productivity. Your competition is not waiting. "

5) Show your potential for success.

This only NLP closure method is also simple and effective, and what you are doing is to show that by buying If you are in B2B sales and sold a business product, you can say, "Do what X did business. You can only get real benefits that someone else already has. This is an impatient trend.

Get and use this product to increase your profits by 50%. "The prospects will automatically assume that he will get this incredible benefit, so he will automatically agree to buy. effectively, remember that the more you learn the better.


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