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HUMAN RISK: is derived from the word and from word it is possible to define oneself as the way things are done and basically as it relates to humans can be highly defined as a person or behavior towards others.

ETIQUETTE: On the other hand, it can be defined as formal rules on rules of right and courteous behavior in society or among employees. Here we will define both together in the sense that they have to do with a person and a community.

Phrase Indicator refers to these rules that govern social behavior and include socially acceptable rules of conduct, behaviors that all members of a particular community should apply to all social relations from telling excuses and # 39; me when you cough to treat illegal children in the community. If society is to achieve the highest qualification standard, it must be responsible and responsible people. For example, members of the community should:

– Keep the right way
– Talk to others politely
– Dress appropriately
– Eat in a civilized way
– Be civilian to stay etc. .

Note: Individual inaction quickly appears in our daily activities, such as:

– Business Communication
– Dressing
– Speech Recognition
– Social Activity / Communication etc.

Perhaps an individual is perfect / he must be good behavior.

Key Keys to Good People and Securities

There are three keys to observing that you need a respected personality


This has a lot to do with our person. Anyone who intends to maintain or build a respected personality should be able to distinguish between right and inappropriate parts. In order to maintain high talent, we should always pay attention to his immediate environment and activities for the day, considering that consistency is on the way to establishing trust and credibility with all your social and business relationships.


This means drawing a line between what you do to make sure you're not over the limit in what you do, because a wise saying says "too much is a bad line for:

o Dressing
o Speeches
o Portrait
o Eating habits, etc.


In every person's life, respect is important, which means everyone should respect himself, his colleagues, a patient (if a doctor), colleagues (if an official), customers (if they are in business), customers (if a lawyer), driver and leaders (if a passenger) and so on. to keep in mind how others can view or categorize your behavior


There are various types of ethics but in this article we are going to choose and discuss the most important u yourself, which apply to our daily activities.

1. Dressing ideas

Actual any profession has known has a known way to dress.

There are two main code codes that include:

– Dress clothing / costume
– Dress code

And finally Suitable for different days of the week

As it was in the continental and corporate world, different days of the week have different wearing codes that best suit them. But everything still depends on society.


One has put on equipment that will not allow you to look sophisticated while you go to a religious place like the church. This does not mean that one should turn off his modern age after religious times.


In the continental style that is the most acceptable in the world, we are meant to wear corporate colors such as clothes, shirts, relationships between others on Mondays.


We are also expecting to wear a corporate suit on Tuesday and Monday.


As the continental style may have, we are dressing in semi-casual but responsible jeans, t-shirts, simple vests and gowns, etc.


wear casual but responsible feels like Wednesday


It is appropriate to dress in a traditional outfit on Fridays even though it is not obligatory.


We were supposed to be either a traditional company or a casual wear. As much as there is no legal punishment because the abuse of these voting codes is an inevitable fact that proper dressing is related to the correct addresses while inappropriate paneling is inappropriate. Watch the next release


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