Aim: To help others help us

This article was originally called, "why you should help if your neighbor's house is on fire" that accurately reflects the promise that we need to be more supportive of each other than achieving our goals, but was all too long title.

If I want to believe that I'm just like my neighbor, would it cause me to have a different attitude to them? Would I take more time to get to know them and be more helpful? The answer is yes. Knowing that my personal success depends on whether the people around me have the opportunity to have their own best, somehow can encourage me to make personal responsibility for promoting the success of others.

It may seem that comes from a selfish place. "If I want to get back to life, I have to help others get ahead." In other ways, this type of social thought is a great advantage that would simply be a better lifestyle. The fact that we must all get ahead of us would change the idea that we must get ahead of each other.

Imagine a fire in your home right next to you. You look out the window and see your neighbors ride out and away from their house for safety – except for the boldest homeowners who want to fix the fire themselves but the fire will be bigger and bigger. First, you are that this scene is too dangerous, so it is best to let the fire deal with it – they are on the way. Then you realize that the burning fire spreads rapidly and quickly makes the path towards your own house. All of a sudden, do everything you can to help your neighbor and stop those homes from burning becoming your priority.

We cannot ignore each other's circumstances. How others around us are doing is related to our own circumstances. Real success not only involves the individual but the society as a whole – and brings us closer to healing our entire family. This is the point we should think about when making plans to get ahead.

If it was acknowledged that each person could impossible accumulate more money by focusing on working together rather than focusing on competitiveness with each other – we are more productive as a community and community.

Find out what you can do to help someone achieve their goals and then get closer to reaching you. It will be great when we realize the indispensable benefits of each one by using their unique abilities, talents and gifts to promote overall progress.


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