A change of perspective may increase your earnings

Way back in 1846, thousands of people in California were looking for fame and fortune at Gold Fields. The Gold Rush was on and the idea of ​​making money and adventure aroused the country. People from all lifestyles, retired, left families, and moved west.

The story tells us that not many were actually rich in panning for gold. Most often, California went into shame and without realizing its dream of being rich.

But there was one, clear head of a person who made the fortune of the Gold Rush. He was the one who sold tools and supplies for the remains. In other words, he offered the miners what they needed.

Nowadays we have Kmart, Walmart, Pennys and Sears, Lowes and Home Depot, Kroger and Albertsons. Anything you need, it's probably a company built up around it.

Look at Sprint or Verizon for example.

Wouldn't it be because the most successful people on the Internet were the people who provided what we needed? Look at Aweber or reply or GVO or HootSuite or Camtasia or GoDaddy or Host Gator.

These are just some of the most effective online businesses. Why are they good? Because they are suppliers! They offer what we need to help us stay efficient online.

One reason that many people fail in MLM is because customers do not need what most companies offer. So, look at your business opportunity. Need to talk to people trying whatever it is that you sell or; Do people really need and want what you are offering? Which scenario seems the easiest for you?

What I suggest is to change your business from selling to providing.

What do you give? What people need or are interested in. Just as the Gold Rush Minor had to rack, people online want information.

If you know how to do something very well, teach others how to do it. You can write & # 39; how to & # 39; book this weekend and put it on the Kindle to sell. If you don't know how to write, go to Fivrr.com and someone will write it for you.

Are you good at the chakra? Teach it. Maybe you like to bake or you have to be a great gardener. Share your secrets with our other eBooks. You can make a lot of money this way.

The purpose of this is to provide those things that people are really interested in, rather than trying to sell the things they don't really want. will make your life much easier and more fun and profitable. And that's really the goal, isn't it?


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