Denying vulnerability can harm your relationship

In Western society, vulnerabilities often relate to weakness, helplessness and vulnerability. Do not grasp and accept the fact that allowing yourself to be affected is an indicator of inner power and sensitivity, you may refuse and support yourself to be sensitive. You think then – to yourself and your partner – that you are strong, powerful and strong. By condemning "who you really are" and pretending who you are, you sabotage your relationship.

Are you a delicate person who is unaware of being so?

* Do you often think you're having trouble with your partner? Or –
* Are you often telling yourself that you are serious and tall?
* Do you often find yourself mad in what they say, fear of what they do?
* Are you volunteering in front of mutual friends?
* Call many of your arguments around your claim that they do things against you and demand that you be focused and depressed?

If your spouse tells you that you are stiff and prominent, but you reject and reject this claim, it may mean that you are not aware of vulnerability and sensitivity. You "cover them up" by showing stiffness and headaches.

What could be hidden behind tall behavior?

You might have grown up in the home where you were forgiven all the time, treated with repentance, and made to be worthless. In order to deal with your feelings of vulnerability and rejection, you may unconsciously think of developing a strong shell. You believe – without being aware of it – that it is wrong to be sensitive and sensitive; that the best defense is attack.

As a result, you will have your partner with headaches. You attack them every time you think they are against you. Your behavior causes repeated conflict, argument, and disagreement. Don't be aware of your behavior, you are not prepared to take responsibility for what happens between you and your partner. You get angry with them and teach them the failure of the Union.

Being aware of your understanding of vulnerability makes you aware of the behavior you have agreed to deal with.

To deal with and conceal your vulnerability, you can be:

• Manage.
• Too sensitive and sensitive.
• Stingy.
• Crisp and breakdown.
• Evasive and remote.
• Clinging and need.
• Offensive.
• Vengeful.

When you get a self-awareness, you can:

* Verify how you accept your vulnerability;
* Understand how the handling system you are using sabotages your relationships.
* You can now stop showing behavior that "helped" you deal with your vulnerability and bring the authentic, delicate self for the relationship.


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