Benefits of past life

The last act of life is precious and the only source to cleanse / cure injuries in the past, which otherwise keeps us from full activity in this life and / or causes distress. Another benefit is to stimulate creativity or valuable talent that was actively described before, but has been hidden or unknown in this life.

The last life act may be the only focus of a hypnosis session or can be initiated within the framework of an alchemical hypnotherapy session. A meeting can include other experiences as well as visiting past episodes, such as the revocation of this past life, ethereal communication technology, inner guidance, and / or life-between. The methods often overlap – both EPC and Reframing can occur in either this life or past life. Internal instructions can be contacted during any other procedure. Alchemical hypnotherapy name stems from precious stones – usually considered science or art of converting cheap metal into gold – but ancient alkchemists were primarily concerned with transforming human spirits (with the facade of "chemistry" serving to protect them from persecution) and contact with the former life was fundamental to the process. A key part of the process is to love, accept, or do peace with things as they are (or as they were in the past), thus liberating the energy of transformation.

The benefits of past life assaults include:

Cleansing / Healing Trauma: This is the most common factor in healing in a previous life cycle. When a shock occurs, options to drive and change, save self-life (PLS) and present it to the present or view trauma and life as a whole from the perspective of the Higher Self.

Healing obvious actions (confidence as a perpetrator rather than the victim): Healing involves the PLS experiencing repentance (assisting with one of several methods as needed), either getting the victim's forgiveness or performing the appropriate Atonement and forgiveness of the day itself obvious act (s).

Contacting Creativity: Most of us have had many abilities and desirable qualities in different places in many of our past lives. We can go to one or more lifetimes (with or without mentioning the skills or attributes we want to contact) and present either the feature itself or the PLS (which will actually be the Inner Guide).

Rewrite Lifecycle Agreements: Part of our karma related to other people may be due to a promise or agreement made in the past with that person, such as "I will never leave you". After contacting the lifecycle where the contract originated, the past-life coach, along with the client's internal guidance (usually the higher self), where some debt or commitment exists, if appropriate, then revises the contract in a way that helps the client's needs. .

Earth / Confirmation: While this benefit of past life seems to be insufficient – it is a significant and important reason to participate in that process. Many customers have, after completing some of their previous principles, stated that they have a greater foundation on who they are. Now they understand why they have certain qualities, passion, desires, values, abilities, concerns, etc. and can use the information to live happier and more balanced at present.

People often ask – "What if I think the information is past life, what if I'm just doing it?" There are observations and balances to know if the information is truly past life. However, if it is actually created – it is still valid, if an individual benefits from the story. & # 39; In fact, all our life has come up when we go. Couldn't you tell the story you wanted to go to college – become a doctor, lawyer, etc., get married, have children, and grow old with your spouse – and then you do / just did it. So what if you experienced a life that benefits you in this life – that has been harmed? No one has been harmed. I rest my case.


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